Tuesday, September 2

Back to School

Maddy was extra excited today about going to school. We both had a hard time falling asleep last night, tossing and turning only to find two hours had gone by and we were still awake lol. His nose started to bleed for a short time and while I was attending to him, somehow I strained my neck and it wouldn't stop aching. He eventually fell asleep and I stayed up applying a heat pack while watching a movie.

We did get up at 6.45am when the alarm went off and even though I felt tired, Maddy jumped out of bed eager to get ready for school. He got himself dressed, washed his face and brushed his teeth, while I made breakfast and his lunch. He didn't want cereal nor toast, just apples and mandarins with a cup of milk. I fixed his hair, took some pictures and then headed out to the bus stop at 7.50am.

There were only 4 other kids waiting for the bus. I think the others were dropped off to school by their parents. I asked Maddy if he wanted me to meet him there when the bus arrived and he shrugged his shoulders and said "If i wanted to." I think that meant "No Mum, I'll be OK." He wouldn't give me a hug nor a kiss, so I waved him goodbye and off the bus went.

It's now 1.48pm and I'm wondering how his day is going. I hope he tells me about it when he gets home as I remember this time last year, all he said to me was "I can't remember."


  1. MaddysDaddy2:31 PM GMT-5

    Awww what a nice post! I felt like I was there with you guys :) He's a big boy now, isn't he? But don't worry, he still needs his mommy!

  2. He sure is :) Was strange though, as soon as he got off the bus he couldn't stop talking about his day and how much fun he had. Last year he was too tired to remember. I think it's going to be a good year for him and the fun part about it he says is that there is 'no nap' time and he gets a longer time to play at recess LOL

  3. Wow, he is a big boy now! That first photo of him reminds me of Aunty Lagi's smile!
    I wonder how long it takes before they start dreading school - I think I started in kindergarten! LOL Good on you Maddy!


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