Friday, September 12

Madison's new blog
Madison has changed blog sites - his new blog is now at Xanga. You can link to it by clicking on this link or by navigating through his main website.

Thursday, September 11

Hide & Seek
Yep, that's Madison's new favourite game. Rach and I will go hide and he'll seek us out. If at first he doesn't find us, he'll systematically comb the house until he does. Once he finds us he bursts into a fit of self congratulatory laughter.

We've started teaching him how to feed himself with his fork and spoon. He loves it! Of course he makes a huge mess but for him, it makes eating time fun. I was changing his shirt last night and I noticed that he knows to put his arms through the sleeves and raise his foot when I'm trying to put his shorts on. So clever.

Next mission is to start potty training him. Ummm anyone have a clue how to do that?

Tuesday, September 9

Madison takes the MMR in stride
We all went up to MedCen today to have Madison's MMR shot administered. Shots don't come cheap in this country - I'm sure it would have been free in NZ but here it costs $85.00. He was such a brave little boy during the whole thing. He cried a little when the needle went into his arm but after a little soothing from mommy, he forgot about the whole thing.

I've posted photos of the whole thing on his website.
No, that doesn't stand for Madison Matthew Rachel. That stands for Measles, Mumps and Rubella, which is the shot that Madison will be getting at MedCen this afternoon.

I'm definitely more nervous about it than he is. I hope I don't pass out.

Monday, September 8

Happy Birthday Aunty Sachi!
Hmmm how old does this make my li'l sister? Madison has advised me that it might not be a good idea to mention her age on his website as I might get sued for defamation hee hee.

Happy birthday Sachi! We emailed you but we got a reply saying you were on leave again. Oka, how much leave do you get a year anyway?
Sunday Already?
This weekend seems to have just flown by. The Habitat for Humanity Golf Tournamnet was a success. They had a total of 20 teams this year; up from the 13 teams they had last year.

Our Peace Corps team won the championship flight by 2 strokes from Leavai Dental. We had a good round, recording 7 birdies without any bogies. It was nice to finally win something - we won 3 nice caps, 3 golf towels and a new golf bag to go along with the trophy.

Madison and his mommy came up to the clubhouse at the conclusion of the round. Madison loved running around the clubhouse (a big fale) - and was the focus of attention with everyone saying how cute he was and he must get it from his mommys side.

I'm starting to wonder why people keep saying that.

Saturday, September 6

Miss Tutti Frutti
Yep, that's the name of the faafafine show that Rachel is going to tonight. Would I be caught dead there? Oh hell no! The Teuila festival is drawing to a close and we haven't been able to see much of it - partly due to a fear of Madison contracting the German Measles outbreak that is going around the island right now.

So, I'll be babysitting the little prince tonight. Tomorrow, I have an early start, thanks to the Habitat for Humanity Golf Annual Tournament up at Faleata Golf Course. It's going to be a fun day all round.

Tuesday, September 2

13 month photos
Mr Maddy's 13 month photos have been posted. There aren't many pics there yet, but we're hoping to take some more during the week. The Teuila Festival has started so we might go for a walkabout during the week and shoot some more photos of our resident superstar.