Sunday, October 30

Typical Weekend in Samoa

Well maybe it's not your typical weekend in Samoa but it's still possible, since the beach is only a 30 minute drive from home in almost any direction.

Papa's house at Saluafata

Having a blast at the beach.

No tree is safe from our fearless climber in camo.

Spur of the Moment

At the spur of the moment, the three of decided to spend the night at Saleapaga.

Our tree climbing supahero loved it.

Maddy even did some Samoan siva during the floor show to the delight of the locals.

Madison loved the white sand beaches of Saleapaga.

Tuesday, October 25

Maddy Gets Bitten by Dog

Yesterday, Maddy got bitten in the arm by the next door neighbours dog, Nila. Maddy didn't cry but he had 3 puncture wounds in his upper arm which all broke the skin. I can't believe he didn't cry because it looked very painful. I was soooooooooo angry.

I was planning on putting the dog down by means of our machete when I got home from work but after getting a calming phone call from Papa in NZ, I have decided against it. I can see the headlines now, "Man killed over dispute over dog".

I'm eagerly awaiting the day we can put a fence up between us and the next door neighbours so stuff like this doesn't happen again...

Friday, October 21

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commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Wednesday, October 19

We've Been Invited to the Big Event!

Maddy's very own invite!

Good job aunty Sachi and uncle Mark!

How awesome are the invitations?

Tuesday, October 18

Afraid of the Dark? Not Maddy

Last night Maddy brought his friend Amataga (4) from next door over to play upstairs. After awhile, Maddy lost interest and went into the bedroom to watch tv with mommy leaving his friend with me in the living room. Not long after that, Amataga told me he wanted to go home and I said, "OK alu loa oe i le fale". He went downstairs, I heard the door open and I thought nothing more of it.

So it came to our suprise when we heard Amataga crying from downstairs a few minutes later. When we asked him what was wrong he said he was afraid to go home by himself and that it was too dark! Haha silly me, I should have known. So Maddy offered to momoli him home and mommy went along with them just to make sure they were okay.

We all had a good laugh about it when they got home.

Tuesday, October 11

White Sunday at the Beach

We took the kids from next door to the beach yesterday

Maddy is a real natural in the water

As soon as we got to the beach he ran straight into the water

Me and my boy looking cool

This is the only photo of us building a sandcastle that hid my pot

Friday, October 7

At Home Today

Maddy and I are at home today. I have the flu and maddy still has a slight cough. I think its definitely the weather, or else I'm a bit rundown, or maybe I just couldn't be bothered going into work today (hehe). We have just finished breakfast and maddy is about to go next door to play. All the kids in the neighbourhood are on a weeks holiday and maddy is really loving it. They play most of the day in the garage, running around chasing each other, teasing each other, or chasing "jealous" (the neighbours dog!).

Madi went to lotu Wednesday evening with the kids and learnt two new songs. Here are the words:

I help you, you help me
We're a helping family
Helping helping
Sing a helping song
Helping Helping all day long

Sung to the tune of I Love You from Barney

Jesus is my friend today
Clap your hands, Shout Hooray
Jesus is my friend today,
We Love Jesus

Sung to the tune of London bridge is falling down.

It's White Sunday celebration this weekend and town is buzzing with shoppers. White clothing is displayed everywhere even in furniture stores. They had a two day market day, where businesses come together under one roof to sell their products (usually at a discount). Didn't quite make it this time round, maybe next time.

Since Monday is a holiday, I think we will be spending it at the beach (weather permitting). Madi has become quite the swimmer or shall I say isn't scared of swimming on his own now.. as soon as we get to Taumeasina, he quickly jumps out of the car and straight into the water... no hesitation whatsoever... the other kids... well .. lets say it takse at least 10 mins before they decide to even touch the water. He is such a big boy!

Sunday, October 2

Baby Pictures

Last night I spent most of the evening going through all of Madison's baby pictures from 0 - 24 months. It's amazing how fast he has grown. Here are some of my favourites :-)

Under the Weather

Madison hasn't been feeling too good since Friday. He has a slight cough and runny nose. We took him to his usual doctor and he prescribed antibiotics and pamol. He thinks this should clear within 5 days. Last night wasn't a good night as he found it really hard to sleep. We both were up and down all night until he finally fell asleep around 4 am. To my amazement, he awoke at 8ish, ready to go out and play with his friends. He hasn't coughed much at all today so I think the antibiotics are kicking in. YAY!

It's been raining alot over the last couple of weeks.. why? they say it's palolo season.... who knows! It's been cool during the day and hot throughout the nights.. unbelievable. Anyways, Matt is at golf today, the kids next door helped me sweep the yard, pick up the rubbish and leaves, and hang out the washing. I swept and mopped downstairs and I still have to tackle the upstairs... maybe tommorrow!

Love to All the Family expecially to Aunty Suluama - Our prayers are with you - Get Better Soon :-)