Monday, November 30


Oopsie, sorry family, have been busy and haven't had time to update Maddy's blog. Yes I do have a life outside of facebook haha!

What's been happening? After a lovely visit with Batgran it was back into the routine of things - work, school, volunteering, soccer and sorts. Matt's cousin Iasepi and his lovely wife Leone from American Samoa were in DC for a church and work conference in October, and we managed to catch up with them for a day.

At the bowling alley

At our favorite restaurant, Sakura

Our little padawan dressed up as Luke Skywalker for Halloween and had fun trick or treating with his friends Michael, Danny and Sami.

Fall soccer season has been and gone. Maddy received the award for "always giving 110% at practice and games and always being ready to play on any field, any position, and any time; great attitude!!" (more pictures on my facebook page).

Heritage Festival : Maddy played a special part in this years heritage festival. He was one of four speakers for 2nd grade and he represented Samoa in the fashion show. He did a great job and looked handsome in his ie faitaga and ofutino that Aunty Vai sewed in one afternoon. Thanks Aunty Vai!!! Next year he'll represent New Zealand so umm if anyone wants to send him an all black outfit - much appreciated :)

(by the sounds of it we need a new camera/video)

The Butterfly Dance - Bolivian Dance

Tuesday, September 29


Digging for dinosaur fossils

lego water games

helicopter ride

More Legoland Fun

Boat School

Fireman Drill (we had to pump the firetrucks to the other end and put out a fire then race back to the finish line - we came second - was fun)

Driving School - had stop signs and all. Maddy passed with flying colors and got his drivers license. This was his favorite ride.

Lego Darth Vadar

Baby Micah having fun

Mark, Micah and Maddy

Rope climb ride

This was such a cool ride

Miniland - Vegas

San Diego Zoo

Monday, September 21

More pictures of Seaworld

Feeding the Stingrays - was scared when they sucked the fish off my hands

Feeding the Sea lions


Gondala ride - San Diego in the background

Watching the Dolphins get fed


Huge octopus


More of Shamu

Road Trip to San Diego & Seaworld

After spending four days and three nights in Vegas, we rented a car and drove down to San Diego. We stopped off in Barstow where the temperature was around 102 degrees (scorching hot) and then continued on with our drive. It only took around 5 1/2 hours to get there, and even though it was mostly desert and highways, it was a pleasant drive.

Shamu Show was AWESOME

Polar bear

Baluga Whale

Mum, Maddy & Matt (after the shamu show we were soaked to the bone)

Waiting in line for our first ride on the Atlantis

Maddy's favorite ride