Monday, June 27

Mommy Can I Go Outside?

Yep, that's Maddy and his friend Amataga from next door at church. This kid will try any kind of excuse to go outside and play, including begging his mommy to go to church.

Rach has done a great job of keeping him indoors all week but relented when Maddy got upset because we wouldn't let him go to church. I'm sure Papa would love to hear that we finally let him go and he was so happy to be with the other kids singing and playing at sabbath school.

Friday, June 10

The Wild Child

No, Maddy isn't quite the wild child yet but he's heading in that general direction. It seems as if there aren't enough hours in a day for him, he has to be full steam ahead doing something all the time, in perpetual motion. He's loving life at Lalovaea, playing with his "posse" of friends, going to school and he even came to us yesterday asking for money because he wanted to go with his friends and buy an ice pop from the shop.

Thursday, June 9

Fatilua Fatilua B.A., M.A. Ph.D etc etc

I also managed to catch up with my old buddy Fatilua while I was in DC. He made the 5 hour drive down from New York and we spent a couple of days catching up on old times. It was good to see him. Fati is in Albany doing his PhD and intends on going for his professorship after that. Best of luck to you Fati, we're all proud of you!

Shopping With Ling

It was nice to see my sister Lagi again during my recent trip to the USA. She has lost a lot of weight and is looking good! We went shopping for stuff for Maddy and while I was buggered after 5 straight hours of shopping, she was still going strong. Good to see you again sis :)

Tuesday, June 7

Catching Up With Mom

I was fortunate enough to catch up with my mom during my last trip to Washington DC. It was so good to see her again! I believe it was 4 years since I last saw her at my wedding. I didn't realise what a terrible cook I was until I had mom's homecooking again!