Tuesday, August 31

New Photos Are Up

Madison's 25 month photos are now on his website. Have a look!

Sunday, August 29

Maddy Hits the Beach

Madison is at the beach today with Papa. They left early this morning on a bus with the church group from Lalovaea. Madison was so excited to be riding on a bus!

We've been taking photos of Madison over the weekend so I promise we'll have new photos on his website by tomorrow.

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of a photo we took yesterday!

Wednesday, August 25

Happy Birthday Aunty Ling!

August is just full of birthdays and today is Aunty Ling's! On behalf of Rachel and Maddy, we wish Aunty Ling a very happy birthday and hope you have a wonderful day!

Monday, August 23

Lesson Learnt

Last night we tried to wake Madison up at about 8.30pm so we could go for a car ride to get some groceries and drop off the dvd. The li'l guy refused to wake up so we kept trying until he finally rolled over and sat up. I jokingly said to Rach that I bet he'd be up til 3 in the morning.

Well whaddya know? He and I were up til 3.30am in the morning, playing and watching Monsters Inc a few times. Now I'm falling asleep at my desk, vowing never to do that again.

Wednesday, August 18

Rachel and Madison's Excellent Adventure

Rach and I had a talk last night about the possibility of a trip to NZ in October. We both agreed that it has been almost 2 years since they've been back and that a trip to see the family (on both sides) would be nice.

It's still tentative right now but we're planning for it. Anyone know of any cheap fares around about October?

Tuesday, August 17

Rain and wind batter Wellington

Here is a news story about the bad weather affecting Wellington. It seems pretty bad!

I hope all of our families in Wellington are okay, dry and warm. We'll keep an eye on the weather reports and say an extra prayer for you all.

Olympics in Samoa

Yep, we're getting live coverage of the Olympics here in Samoa. I still can't believe it myself. Not only do we get all the Tri Nations rugby tests live for free, we get to watch the Olympics in Athens throughout the night and mornings too.

I'm betting that we're not the only family that is late for work each morning from too much late tv watching in Samoa right now.

Getting There

I'm feeling a lot better now, not quite 100% but close enough to be back at work. Rachel and Maddy took excellent care of me while I was sick, which as most of you know, is not an easy thing to do.

Maddy has been going strong through the whole week. He loves playing with his many toys and is talking a whole lot more now. His potty training is progressing well, it won't be too much longer until he can rid himself of those annoying nappies.

Friday, August 13

Sicky Daddy

I spent the whole of yesterday at home sick. There must be a flu bug going around because first Rachel got it then me. I'm hoping Maddy won't get the same thing because the sore throat it gives you is excruciating. I'm feeling a lot better today and I'm back at work.

Wednesday, August 11

Interesting Times

Yesterday was an interesting day at work, full of suspense, rumour mongering and suprise endings. We bid goodbye to our director, who left under duress and dubious circumstances. It was quite stressful on us all.

On a brighter note, Madison got a hold of a blue permanent marker and decorated the walls of our garage last night. He loves to scribble on things such as the floor, walls, the car and anything we don't want him to draw on.

Of interest on one of his wall drawings was some scribbles that distinctly look like the numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3. When we asked him what they were he said, "two, tree". Is it possible that he can already write numbers? Hmmm

Monday, August 9

Guess Who's In Town?

The Rock is in Samoa! If you don't know who The Rock is, you're not watching enough WWF. As you know, Samoa loves professional wrestling. Noone here is foolish enough to think that the WWF is all staged & choreographed.

The Rock is staying out at the Sinalei Reef Resort out in Siumu. Funny enough our work is having a conference out there next week so I might be chillin' with the Rock poolside. I know he must be hanging out to hear details about my exciting career as an IT Specialist with the US Peace Corps.

I mean, who wouldn't? Right? Yeah, that's what I thought :)

Happy Birthday Nanna!

Today is Nanna's birthday! I wish we could all fly over to New Zealand to wish Nanna a hapy birthday in person but I guess that's something to plan for next year.

We all hope you have a wonderful birthday Nanna, we all miss you and love you!

Friday, August 6

Mommy Not Feeling Well

Rach is at home today because she's not feeling well with the flu. Maddy is with Papa for the day and I'll be picking him up after work. Hopefully mommy will be feeling a little better by then.

Is Maddy Left Handed?

Rachel and I have noticed that our little Maddy seems to prefer doing things with his left hand. He uses his eating utensils with his left hand, he writes with his left hand and when he swings his new plastic golf clubs, he does so left handed.

When I ask him to "use you your other hand" he does so without complaint but isn't as good with his right hand. I'd prefer him to be right handed because most things these days are made for right handed people (plus I'm right handed, so I'm biased).

What do you think? Should I keep trying to make him right handed or should I just let him be?

Tuesday, August 3

Happy Birthday Papa!

Today is Papa's 61st birthday. Happy birthday Papa! To be completely honest, I didn't realise what the day was until I logged on to my computer at work and by then we had already dropped Maddy off at Lalovaea.

What do you think Papa would like for his birthday? Comments?