Friday, December 30

Tofa Soifua 2005

Woohooo time to hit the beach!

Me and my pretty mommy

This is my sneaky grin :)

Saturday, December 24

Christmas 2005 Update

I love Christmas time, so many pressies for Mommy and Daddy to buy and for me to open.

My Daddy tells me that I may not always get what I want but I'll always have what I need.

This is me giving Amataga a punch in the tummy for not listening.

Ahhh there's nothing like splashing around in the pool on a hot day.

This is one of my cool toys I got for Christmas, thanks SantaGran!

This is the life!

Wednesday, December 14

Two Days Of Leave

It's nearing the end of the year and I am exhausted. I decided to take two days off work to spend some quality time with my son. Yesterday was all play, fun and games. We even got the pool out and splashed about with his friends. I had lots of fun and was definitely tired by the end of the day.
Today we went downtown and had a yummy breakfast at Mari's Bakehouse and spent 2 hours at the movies watching Zoro - Madison loved it. He is now outside playing with his posse. My carpenter from work is coming in this afternoon to fix the ceiling upstairs and tommorrow he will be putting mosquito netting all around the top floor - hopefully it would stop that nasty black cat from next door coming into the house at night! I am loosing too many loaves of bread (haha).
Have a nice day everyone!

Wednesday, December 7

Shopping Day

When I awoke this morning, Madison said "mommy, alu work?" and I said "I don't feel too well son, I might stay home." He walked over to me and touched my forehead and said "auoi Mommy your hot, you sick, stay home ok?" .. I giggled and said "ok Doctor Mano'o, mommy will stay home."
......So much for staying home, HRH (His Royal Highness) dragged me out of bed to go shopping downtown. Daddy promised to buy him a superman and spiderman ofu today and Madison kindly reminded us of that promise. So, Daddy dropped us off at the Market and we spent 1/2 hour searching for his clothes. We found two sets of tops and shorts (spiderman and some other cartoon character), 2 pairs of spiderman jandals and a nice light blue manu samoa t-shirt. HRH even asked if we could buy a t-shirt and shorts for his friend Amataga... so we bought one for him too. As soon as we got home, he went to show off his shopping to his friends next door, and gave Amataga his new clothes.