Sunday, March 27

Hard Way To Lose 5 Kilos

Today is moving day. We're in the process of moving house to Lalovaea. Maddy has been loving it, the excitement of it all and has been helping out carrying the little stuff. We had no idea we had so much junk.

The next post we make will be from Lalovaea. Now all we're faced with is the monumental task of fixing up Mama's house. The roof is leaking all over the place and the ceiling upstairs has collapsed. The downstairs part needs a new coat of white paint to brighten it up a bit. We're also going to look at buying an oven as well as a bigger fridge.

Who said life was supposed to be easy? Happy Easter everyone!

Sunday, March 20

Proof That Madison Is his Fathers Son

Here are a few things that go to prove that Maddy takes after his daddy:

He sleeps without a blanket at night. No matter how cold it is, he'll kick off his blanket.

He told mommy today that he doesn't like wearing underwear.

He hates veggies.

He has demoted mommy to the back seat when we go for car rides. You can bet mommy doesn't like that!

He doesn't like being helped, he likes to do things for himself.

His favourite song is by Maroon 5.

He loves cold showers (even at night!)

He pretends to not hear mommy when she tells him to do something. I think it's hilarious, mommy doesn't.

The Never Ending Ride

Tonight we made a spur of the moment trip to the circus again. Unlike last time Madison was extra keen to try out a few of the rides. He especially loved the merry-go-round because of the horsies.

After his first ride on the merry-go-round he asked Mommy if he could go again. Eight rides later he went for a hair raising ride on the dragon rollercoaster, which scared Mommy and Daddy a lot more than it did him.

His Highness wants to watch his Lion King II movie on the computer so I'll post pictures of our trip to the Circus after he goes to bed.

Wednesday, March 16

The Easter Bunny Arrives Early

Madison received a surprise meaalofa in the post today from the Easter Bunny in Wellington. He was sooooooo pleased to get an airplane filled with chocolate eggs (all uma already), 2 sheets of stickers (already affixed to the fridge door), some M&Ms (daddy finished those oops) and a book (which he can read by heart already too). He's so spoiled :)

Thanks mom for the wonderful meaalofas. I hope everyone has a fun filled easter holiday.

Tuesday, March 15

Gluten Steaks Part II

Okay so last night I decided to try making gluten steaks one more time. The last time I tried they came out too salty. This time I used a different soy sauce but they came out too salty again. I give up! Maybe there's something easier to make out there that I can try that's healthy and Maddy will like?

Monday, March 14

The Circus

We went to the circus last night. Maddy loved it! He was a little reluctant to go on the merry-go-round but agreed to accompany mommy on the ferris wheel. I was a little worried that he might freak out once the ride started going but instead it was his mommy who was scared while he wanted to undo his seatbelt so he could stand up for a better view. This boy really has no fear.

Madison's Persistent Cough

Maddy has had a cough and runny nose for almost 2 weeks now and while we've been to a doctor about it, his cough isn't improving. It's weird though because he has a lot of energy and is still his playful self. Also of concern is his loss of appetitie, he doesn't eat very much unless we FORCE him to eat and even then it's not very much. Anyone have any ideas on what else we should try?

Wednesday, March 9

Goodbye Grandma, See Ya Later

Madison's grandma is set to return to NZ on Friday night. She's been with us for almost 3 months now and has been a great help to me and Rach looking after Maddy.

I wish she could stay longer but that would be a selfish wish as she must be missing her own life in NZ. We wish her well and hope she comes back to visit us again soon.

Friday, March 4

Mom? How Do You Make Gluten Steaks?

Yesterday we went to the Sanitarium shop at Lalovaea and bought some gluten flour. Now if we only knew how to make it. Mom could you send us your recipe please? You should've seen the look on the face of the lady that sold us the flour when I asked her how to make gluten! haha She looked at me as if to say, "You buy gluten flour but don't know how to make it?"

Thursday, March 3

Doctor's Visit

This morning we went to see the doctor about Maddy's cough. The funny thing was that as soon as we got to the clinic, his cough and temperature magically disappeared. Maybe the medicine was finally kicking in but all in all, it was a waste of 20 bucks.

Glad to see my son feeling better though :)

Wednesday, March 2

Under the Weather

Madison is a little sicky today and so, we've kept him at home. He didn't like the fact that mommy and daddy went without him this morning and threw a hissy fit when grandma held him from getting in the car. We'll take him for a car ride when we get home and hopefully that will satisfy him, for awhile.

Tuesday, March 1

Todays Drama

I thought it was a normal day until Rach and I got home today to find a pouting Madison waiting for us at the door. Apparently he had been playing on the back porch as he always does and fell off the top rail of the guard rails that encircle the porch.

I don't know how many times grandma, mommy and daddy have warned him to be careful when he climbs up but it doesn't stop him from trying to walk the top rail as if it was a tightrope or swinging himself around the pole, with both feet up in the air.

So after an hour of him moaning and groaning (probably out of embarrassment more than anything) he finally went to sleep and all is quiet in the house once again.