Monday, November 29

Congrats Sachi & Mark!

According to Sachi's website, she and Mark are now officially engaged. Way to go sis! Hey are we invited to the wedding? Can Maddy be the pageboy? Wanna have the wedding here in Apia?

Now Ling has to marry someone named John and we'll have the makings of a Mano'o family 4 Gospels quartet (Matthew, Mark, Madison Luke & John). Somehow I don't think Tolly will be getting a deed poll just so we can have our quartet any day soon.

Where Have We Been?

Okay so you're probably wondering why there's been a distinct lack of posts here. Oops my bad!
We've had our hands full lately, Uncle Sonny came to visit us for a week and Papa returned from NZ. In the meantime, Maddy's schedule was rearranged a few times due to the next door neighbour getting sick so we had to have Aunty Rosa come in for a few days to look after our little hero. He loved seeing his Aunty Rosa again.

Sonny was in town for a week and he stayed at our place. It was good to see him although he was pretty busy with some business he came to take care of. Hopefully we'll get to spend some more time with him on his next trip.

Papa is back from NZ. Maddy was a little bit apprehensive when he saw Papa for the first time in 2 weeks but today he couldn't wait to go see Papa. He even smiled and waved us off when we dropped him off this morning. I'm glad he enjoys his time with his grandfather.

Madison is talking a whole lot more now and with the extra talk comes the added attitude. He has a funny "matter of fact" way of talking, for example:

Daddy: Son, go take your rubbish to the kitchen please.

Madison: No, daddy do it.

Daddy: MADISON, please go take your rubbish to the kitchen NOW.

Madison: No, me watch teevee.

Daddy: *sigh* Son, you better go take your rubbish to the kitchen now before
I get up.

Madison: *ignores Daddy*

Daddy: *gets up*

Madison: *runs to the kitchen before Daddy can catch him*

Wednesday, November 17

Where To From Here?

It's good to have my family back. Madison is happy to be home again and the house is looking like a home again now that Rachel is back in charge. The fridge has food in it now, the house is a lot cleaner and my clothes actually smell nice again.

With Papa in NZ, we've had to make a few changes to Maddy's daily routine. The next door neighbours have been nice enough to help us out by looking after Maddy while Papa is in NZ. Maddy likes playing with his best friend Teresa but he doesn't like it when mommy and daddy leave in the morning. He moans and whimpers and struggles to come with us when we leave for work in the morning.

I tell you, nothing hurts more than having to leave your son behind and he's crying because he wants to come with you and looks hurt because you're not taking him with you. Rachel and I have had to do that ever since Papa went to NZ.

It's a dilemma. Should we become a one income family so one of us is with Madison during the day? The upside would include being there to potty train him, read books with him and teach him new things. The downside would be that we'd have less money and would probably have to move back to Lalovaea or some place cheaper. Rachel enjoys her new career with DBS too so she'd have to give up a job that she enjoys.

I remember having my mom around 24/7 during my childhood. There's no substitute for a mothers love and care, I don't care how good a babysitter is. What would I have done without my mom? I sometimes wonder if we're hampering Madison's development by leaving him with others while we're at work. He's a very bright child, he continually surprises us with the things he picks up and it's disheartening to think that he spends the majority of his waking time with people other than his parents.

I think Madison deserves better than that. The blame is on me for not earning enough money to support my family on my own and that shortcoming weighs heavily on my mind.

The time for action is now, this isn't a problem that I can wait 2 years to solve. But what should we do? I wonder if all parents go through this.

Wednesday, November 10

Papa In NZ

I took Papa to the airport last night. He's on his way to NZ for a couple of weeks. It was a nice drive out there last night with the exception being that his flight was delayed for 2 hours.

Madison will be staying with the next door neighbours over the next few weeks while Papa is away. Without Papa around, it's a challenge to find people we can trust to look after the li'l guy while we're at work during the day.

One of these days we'll be a one income family and these kind of problems will cease to exist. One of these days :)

Monday, November 8

Home Again

Madison and Rachel arrived safely home on Saturday night. It's good to have them back. Madison was a bit shy at first (or jetlagged) but the following morning he was back to his old self.

He was very happy to see Papa again and his friend from next door, Teresa.

Now that my family is back, I'm hoping that life will resume some form of normalcy and we can get back to doing what we did before they left.

The house is a home again. Thank goodness for that!

Tuesday, November 2

Four More Days

Only four more days before father and son are reunited. I can't wait! I miss my boy so much. I keep checking the Kokonut's website for pictures of his trip but nothing so far.

Everytime I call him and his mommy up on the phone he keeps saying, "Me coming, me coming" and "Daddy coming?" It's enough to make a grown man cry.