Tuesday, December 25

Presents Galore

Maddy put himself to bed early last night (8pm) so that he could wake up early to open his Christmas presents. Before he went to bed, he put out a plate of chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk for Santa. Daddy had to do a midnight run to CVS to buy a few more gifts that were wrapped differently to the ones we already had under the tree, as Maddy was expecting gifts from Santa. He had written a letter to Santa asking for a scooter, dinosaur toys and a spongebob squarepants atlantis playstation game . We had already bought them and realised that we should of wrapped them differently to his other presents, hidden them and then placed them underneath the tree after he had gone to bed.

As soon as Maddy got up, he waited until Mummy and Daddy were awake before he started opening his presents and Christmas stocking. He wanted to open them "as a family" he said. Isn't that cute?

Maddy made this snow flake and the pumpkin ceramic pot at school -
A present for Mummy and Daddy

A big Thank You to all our family and friends that sent us presents.

Enjoy your Christmas holidays and keep safe.

Friday, December 21

Happy Holidays

Here's wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
Love Matthew, Rachel and Madison xxox

Monday, December 10

Pressies Have Arrived

Thanks Nana, Papa, Aunty Ling and Uncle Tolly for our Christmas pressies. The box arrived safely. To my surprise I told Madison that he can't open them up until Christmas day, so guess what he did with them? he put them under our Christmas tree. Excuse the fuzzy picture as I had to use my cell phone to take this one - Daddy has our digital camera in Thailand. We still have a little bit more Christmas shopping to do when Daddy gets back so I'm sure the space underneath the tree will be full.

Today Arjit, Maddys friend and neighbor is coming to spend the afternoon with us - he can't wait to have some fun with his friend. Yesteryday we had a visit from Dr. Fati, Vai and her two girls Myra (6 yrs) and Melody (8 yrs) and boy did they have fun playing games in Maddy's room. As soon as they arrived, they stayed there until it was time to go. It was a lovely visit and Maddy will be spending this coming weekend with them attending a Christmas festival and then bowling Sunday afternoon while Mommy has to work.

Happy Holidays everyone :)

Thursday, December 6

It's Snowing

Maddy having fun in the snow. As soon as he stepped off the bus yesterday afternoon he had a snowball fight with Taehoon and Arjit and then wanted to do a snow angel in the snow. All I wanted to do was get inside because I was freezing my butt off LOL.

Daddy is currently in Thailand for two weeks and I have a part time job for the holidays at Macy's, a large department store. I am one of many Customer Service Managers who are assigned an area to assist Sales Associates and customer queries and complaints. It's only for 4 hours a day while Maddy is in school and during the weekends, depending on how often they need me. It's very hard on my feet as I am not use to standing all day long. I have this weekend off because Matt is away so that is a relief.

I have finally received the calendars and will send them off as soon as I can. I hope you all got Maddy's school photo :) Not to worry Sachi and Mark, yours is with the calendar and will be sent soon. Until next time, take care!