Tuesday, December 25

Presents Galore

Maddy put himself to bed early last night (8pm) so that he could wake up early to open his Christmas presents. Before he went to bed, he put out a plate of chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk for Santa. Daddy had to do a midnight run to CVS to buy a few more gifts that were wrapped differently to the ones we already had under the tree, as Maddy was expecting gifts from Santa. He had written a letter to Santa asking for a scooter, dinosaur toys and a spongebob squarepants atlantis playstation game . We had already bought them and realised that we should of wrapped them differently to his other presents, hidden them and then placed them underneath the tree after he had gone to bed.

As soon as Maddy got up, he waited until Mummy and Daddy were awake before he started opening his presents and Christmas stocking. He wanted to open them "as a family" he said. Isn't that cute?

Maddy made this snow flake and the pumpkin ceramic pot at school -
A present for Mummy and Daddy

A big Thank You to all our family and friends that sent us presents.

Enjoy your Christmas holidays and keep safe.


  1. Aunty Lagi8:53 PM GMT-5

    Ooh la la... so many pressies for one wee boy!! Hope Mommy & Daddy have fun playing with them as well - hee hee!

    Laughing hard out at your comment about wrapping Santa's pressies differently and hiding them - one of them 'parent' tricks that they don't tell you bout aye?

  2. LOL I regon - it didnt matter when we were in Samoa but now that the kids here talk about Santa and all sorts, I never even thought to wrap them differently - Maddy knew the difference though haha!


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