Sunday, March 28

Trip to the Dentist

Maddy was complaining of a sore tooth yesterday so we all made a trip to the dentist. According to Dr. Vu Maddy had a deep rooted infection and needed to have it cleaned out. The entire procedure took over an hour (poor Maddy!) but he is feeling a lot better this morning.

Maybe now he will heed our warnings about eating too many sweets. Then again, I doubt it.

Wednesday, March 24

Help Me Be A Heart Hero :)

I’m joining millions of other kids to help save lives with the American Heart Association’s Jump Rope For Heart Program! Will you help me?

I’m doing Jump Rope For Heart at my school and learning about kids with special hearts. I’m also learning about my own heart, and how to take care of it. And I’m getting active and jumping rope!

Some kids have special hearts – and need our help! I’m raising money to help kids like them. The money I raise will help pay for education and for new medicines and treatments to be discovered. It could help cure heart disease – for everybody!

You can help too! Will you make a donation? It’s fast and easy to do on my personal Web page! Just use the link below.

Thank you for helping me save lives and be a Heart Hero! :)

New Rule

The latest rule in the Washington DC Branch household is as follows:
No TV or computer until homework is done.
I don't have to tell you, it is not a popular rule with Maddy, but it seems to be working so far.

If you're wondering what this new blog theme is all about, it's a tribute to MaddysMommy's favorite Facebook  game, FarmVille :)

Friday, March 19

Farewell Winter, Hello Springtime!

Rach and I were talking about the changing seasons yesterday and came to the realization that we have been in the U.S. for almost 4 years now. Where did all the time go? Has it really been that long? It doesn't seem that long but here we are, Maddy is in 2nd grade, almost eight years old and he has 2 new cousins named Micah and Isla that he didn't have when we moved here in 2006. Wow.

The weather has been great this week. The sun has been out for four straight days now and all the snow on the ground has disappeared. Maddy will be starting his 3rd season of soccer soon and he can't wait to get out there and run around with his friends after being cooped up all winter.

This weekend will be a busy one for the DC Branch. We have bowling league tonight followed by Maddy's school annual Fun Fair tomorrow morning. We might try and have a little BBQ afterward and then there's the Sunday bowling league where we are in 2nd place (after finishing the first 2 parts of the season in last place). If we have time we might try and squeeze a father/son haircut in there somewhere too.

The pics are from Maddy's end of season basketball party where he got a trophy for being the best rebounder and most aggressive on the team. That's my boy!

Tuesday, March 2

Artwork at Vienna Post Office

Madison's artwork was chosen to be displayed at the Vienna Post Office for a few weeks. We went by today after his doctors visit to take a picture of his paper weaving artwork. Nice work Son!!!