Thursday, March 23

Visit to the NAC

Maddy and daddy at the National Aquatic Center

They had a nice kiddies pool

Maddy had the whole pool to himself for over an hour

All ready for the SPG in 2007

4 hours in the pool and Maddy still cried when we had to go!

Friday, March 10

Climbing Trees, Throwing Stones and Coconut Heads

This is Maddy climbing a coconut tree the other day during our lunch break.

Yes, Free Willy is still alive and well!

Maddy and his on again, off again friend Amataga.

If Maddy sees a tree, he must conquer it.
Boys will be boys. Yesterday Maddy and Amataga were throwing rocks into the river by our house when Amataga accidentally struck Maddy in the head with a large stone, opening up a cut on his forehead. By the time Maddy came back to the house his head and face were covered in blood and a walnut sized lump was protruding from his forehead. Rach and I were freaking out! After a quick trip to the doctors we were relieved to find out that it was just a little cut and that there were no fractures to his skull - proof that Samoan boys have coconut heads.

Thursday, March 9

Don't Throw Stones

Maddy was outside playing yesterday when he got hit in the forehead with a rock thrown by his best friend from next door, Amataga. Amataga's mother swears it was an unintentional accident that happened while the 2 of them were throwing stones into the river.

Still, it was quite a scary sight to see Maddy holding his head while blood was all over his head and face. We cleaned the blood and applied ice to where the rock had hit but he had a nasty cut above his eye and a walnut sized lump to show for it. The doctor said he was okay and that there was no fracture of his skull and he suffered no brain damage.

It was lucky, it could have been a lot worse.

Tuesday, March 7

Getting Better

Maddy loved the chicken noodle soup we made for him last night. He ate the whole bowl and even asked for more, which we gladly gave him. His energy levels are picking up, enough that we don't have to take any more time off work.

We came yesterday to find him eating a raw pod of koko with the other kids. No matter how many apples and oranges we buy him, he still prefers to gather his own food from the back yard and neighbouring homes, such as vi, mangoes, bananas and koko. I think it's great, reminds me of when we were kids growing up in Samoa too.

Monday, March 6

The Cough That Won't Go Away

Maddy has had a persistent cough for the past 2 weeks and according to his doctor, he has a "90 day flu". Now I don't know about you but I don't want my child to have a flu for 3 months. The medicine that he has prescribed doesn't seem to work and in the cough and flu have robbed Madison of his appetitie. He's lost a lot of weight. I've been reading through information on the Internet and most data suggests that cough medicine doesn't work on children, perhaps even making the cough worse. Who do I trust?