Friday, February 9

Happy Anniversary Sachi & Mark

If memory serves correctly, Sachi and Mark have been married for a year now. Congratulations you two! I hope your first year of marriage has been enjoyable and fun. This time next year Lagi and Tolly will have joined the club. Many happy returns Sachi and Mark!

Thursday, February 8

Go Wizards!

We went to our first NBA game last night where the local team, the Washington Wizards lost to the San Antonio Spurs in a rout. We didn't care! We were too busy enjoying the spectacle of the whole thing. Americans sure do know how to hype an event and make it entertaining.

Tuesday, February 6

Happy Birthday Mommy

Madison and I took Rachel out for lunch at the Silver Diner for her birthday last weekend. It was a nice outing, even if the weather wasn't cooperating (it was -10C outside). Madison and Rach loved the Silver Diner; which is an old style diner complete with juke boxes and 1920s decor.