Monday, November 28

House Cleaning Day

Today Rachel and her cleaning crew from next door spent all day cleaning out Mama's kitchen and bathroom area downstairs as well as the entire back yard.

Maddy and his best mate Paula from next door enjoying burritos for lunch.

Rachel touching up the kitchen walls with some white undercoat

Ana and Ema lend a helping hand in the kitchen

Monday, November 21

Maddy's Cool New Shades

These are the cool new shades Maddy got from Papa & Nanna

People smile at him whereever we go, they think he looks cute!

Wednesday, November 2

Dates Are Set

We bought our airline tickets today for Sachi & Mark's wedding. We'll be arriving in Auckland on the 30th of January and leaving again from Auckland on the 14th of February. WOOOHOOO!

The Ongoing Dog Saga

A few days ago, the same dog that attacked Madison, bit the owners very own daughter while playing in front of their house. Papa's advice to me, following the attack on Madison, was for me to talk to the dogs owner and logo the pulenu'u of Lalovaea East. The problem is, the dogs owner IS the pulenu'u!

This morning as Maddy was walking out the front door towards the garage, the dog walked onto our front porch, terrifying Madison, sending him running for cover.

As you can imagine, I'm not too thrilled with my son NOT being safe in front of his own house. I've already asked the owner to "do something about his dog" and to "keep it off my land", yet my son is still open to further attacks during the day when I'm not around to look after him.

This may sound like foolish over-protective daddy bravado, but if my son gets bitten again by that dog, I'm not only going to kill that dog, I'm going to go over and break a chair over Matamua's head, whether he's handicapped or not.