Friday, August 29

It's That Time Again

School Fundraising is on again and if you're interested in ordering any of the items, let me know OR take a look online at Before you checkout, you need to enter the school (Stenwood Elementary)/student name (Madison Mano'o) & ProgID#082417600 details so the numbers get credited back to the school. All orders are to be in by Friday, September 26th.

Top Selling Class will have the honor of Adopting an Africa Lion from the National Zoo and every student that sells 40 items will be taken in a stretch hummer limo for lunch. There is also a list of toys they can win too.

Have fun ordering and if you have any problems, let me know. I have already made a list of 4 items I would like to buy.

Thursday, August 28

Reading Time

Reading a page from "Granddad's Dinosaur"

Open Day

Maddy and I went to school today for the Open Day. We met his 1st grade teacher, Miss Reeves who's been teaching at Stenwood Elementary for 4 years and has a Master of Science in Early Childhood Education. We visited his classroom, #19 and found his desk, labelled with his name and an information packet for the parents. We checked out the class list and found seven of his Kindergarten friends also in his class. Even though he was a little dissapointed that Annie, Nathan, Matthew and Danny were not in his class, I know it won't take long for him to make new friends. Besides they will still see each other during recess time and when we have play dates.

We also stopped by the Cafeteria to sign up for the PTA ($10 per member) and to find out information about Cub Scouts. Maddy is interested in joining the 'Tiger Club Den' for first graders. I spoke with one of the Scout Leaders to find out more information and even though it looks like he's going to have a lot of fun learning all about the environment, going on camps and doing community activities, a parent has to be there with him at every scout meeting and activity. It's a requirement for the 1st graders pack. I hope Daddy can take part in most of them, if not then I better get my drivers license (yes I do know how to drive but never held a license lol) as I don't like relying on others to get to places.

Since school doesn't officially start till next Tuesday (Sept 2nd), and it's a long weekend (labor weekend), I'm going to take Maddy for a swim at the pools, to visit the library and have a day out at the park.

Sunday, August 24

A Message for Aunty Lagi

Enjoy your birthday today. Maddy and I are having chicken wings with rice and salad to celebrate :0) Love Ya, MRM xxx

Thursday, August 21

A Walk Through the Garden Center

On our way home from buying groceries at the local store today, we decided to take a walk through the Merrifield Garden Center, a beautiful nursery full of gorgeous flowers, trees and shrubs. It had a nice waterfall and pond at the back entrance, with lots of colorful fish swimming at the bottom of it. We stayed there for about 20 minutes, admiring the well made pond, and talking about the different fishies we saw. Maddy even asked whether we could fish for one and take it home lol. I'm sure the owners wouldn't be impressed with us if we did, besides I'm not sure if I would want to eat fish that lived in dirty murky water, would you? lol.

Monday, August 18

Parcel on it's way!

Finally we have sent Nana and Papa's belated birthday pressies in the mail. Should take up to 7-10 days to get there (hopefully in one peice). Sorry these are late and I hope they fit.

Alofas Us xxox

---> Maddy, the Red Power Ranger

Saturday, August 16

Dear Daddy ...

Maddy has written two letters to his Daddy since he left for Guatemala last week. I have been encouraging him to practice his writing as he still has a habit of using capital letters. I wonder if that will change quickly over time as I know it does with practice, and trying to encourage Maddy to practice is very hard, especially when he thinks his way is the right way. I'll have to get out those writing exercise books that Nana sent us some time ago and have him practice on those again. Maybe that will help!!

Thursday, August 14

Little Fishy Completes His Class

Our little fishy did really well for his last day of level 2 swimming lessons. He passed his class and is able to move onto level 3. I was hoping to continue his lessons throughout the fall (once a week) but our little fishy wants a break because he's bored. He wants to to try something new like Tae Kwon Do so we shall see! Great job Son!

Sunday, August 10

Last One for the Summer

We got together with Matt's friends, Sakib and Domenico and their families on Saturday at Riverbend Park in Great Falls, VA. Tucked away in a remote river setting, with 400 acres of forest, meadows and ponds, we enjoyed a bbq picnic with yummy marinated steak and chicken, salads and lots of munchies and fizzy's to drink. We enjoyed watching others kayak, canoe and even fish from several small jon boats.

Maddy and Nino went along with Matt, Sakib and Rosie on their own jon boat and had a blast. Daddy had trouble with the oars so Maddy had to help him. They kept drifting down the river and I was starting to panic until Daddy finally got the hang of the oars and managed to turn the boat around.

Maddy and I spent a bit of time looking at nature and taking pictures of butterflys, tadpoles, and nasty bugs so we could identify them online. I was hoping to walk the hiking trails but somehow we never got around to it. Keeping up with Nino (3 1/2 yrs) and Khalil (20 mths) was a handful for their mothers but fun watching them enjoy themselves.

Kelly and Khalil

Kelly, Khalil, Domenico, Sakib, Rosie, Matt, Maddy and Nino inside the tent

Drifting Away

We spent the rest of the evening at Rosie and Domenico's apartment, relaxing and enjoying each other's company. On Tuesday, Daddy is off to Guatemala and Sakib is off to Liberia at the end of the month. When they return, it's camping time and being one with nature LOL

Friday, August 8

Happy Birthday Nanna!

Hope you have a lovely day Nanna!
Lots of hugs and alofas xox

Wednesday, August 6

Thanks Alexander!

Aunty Vai, Uncle Fati and Baby Alexander came by to visit us this evening and to surprise Maddy with his birthday present. It was nice to see them since we had not seen baby for quite some time. He has definitely grown bigger and is a lot more chubbier too. He definitely has a samoan appetite and bowel movements too LOL. I should of taken a picture of him but forgot to. Oh well, next time.

Thanks for the awesome clothes Aunty, Uncle and Bubba!

Monday, August 4

Happy Birthday Rhiva_Li

Grace (jo's daughter), Rhiva_Li (ivan's daughter), Jared (jo's son)
Happy Birthday Neice,
Love Cousin Maddy, Aunty Rach and Uncle Matt

First Day - Level 2 Swimming Class

Maddy was up early, eager to get to his swimming lessons which started at 9.20am. I was a little slow going because I sat up reading most of the night. Matt dropped us off a bit early so we waited by the pool, watching the Peewee swimmers having fun in the water.

He was a little nervous because he didn't know any of the kids that were going to be in his class but when he heard that he was going to have the same teacher he had last time, that put him at ease.

There were 8 children, including two girls, and he was out to impress them all. From what I could see from where I was sitting, he remembered everything he learnt from his last class and didn't hesitate showing off his skills. Instead of practicing, he would race with the boys and try to get to the halfway mark before them and back again. He didn't like coming second or third, so he would try his best to win the next race - very competitive like his parents !!!

He also made another new friend named Jackson, who he played with after their swimming lesson was over.

Doing Handstands

Saturday, August 2

Another Lovely Surprise!

Thank you Aunty Lagi and Uncle Tolly for Maddy's birthday present which arrived in the mail today. He received a 'Scratch Magic set' and playing cards called 'Stampede'. That's going to be a lot of fun to play because we love playing card games.

We miss you guys too and hope you both are settling down ok in Christchurch.

Huge Alofas, Us xox

Happy Birthday PAPA!

Expect a pressie in the mail real soon, for you and Nana.
Lots of Hugs and Alofas xxox

Friday, August 1

Splashdown Waterpark

The weather today hit 95 degrees so we decided to go to Splashdown Waterpark in Manasses for the afternoon. It was packed when we arrived, but that wasn't a problem as we found parking and a spot to put our stuff while we had fun in the water.
We started out at the kiddies area and the small slides, then headed over to the bigger ones. Daddy was too chicken to go with Maddy on the bigger slides, so Mum had to tag along to make sure he was ok.

Maddy did well with the first one (picture above) but Mum got stuck half way down because (duh) she hadn't realised that you had to lie down to go fast and not sit up like a normal slide lol.

The next water activity was on the the two four story waterslides. They were scary (well for me). We rode down the slides on tire tubes and boy what a rush that was. I think we did it 3 or 4 times before I had enough and needed a rest.

That didn't stop Maddy though, as he joined his Daddy in the swimming pools and practiced his swimming and played with the turtle and nemo figurines. We never got around to the 770 foot Lazy River because it was full but hopefully next time we will.