Friday, August 29

It's That Time Again

School Fundraising is on again and if you're interested in ordering any of the items, let me know OR take a look online at Before you checkout, you need to enter the school (Stenwood Elementary)/student name (Madison Mano'o) & ProgID#082417600 details so the numbers get credited back to the school. All orders are to be in by Friday, September 26th.

Top Selling Class will have the honor of Adopting an Africa Lion from the National Zoo and every student that sells 40 items will be taken in a stretch hummer limo for lunch. There is also a list of toys they can win too.

Have fun ordering and if you have any problems, let me know. I have already made a list of 4 items I would like to buy.


  1. Coolio! I'm assuming that they still don't do international shipping? So can we order stuff and get it delivered to you and then you can send it to us as our Christmas gifts?!? LOL
    Now that's an idea....

  2. Nope they don't as far as I'm aware. Same as last year I think. I haven't checked out the site yet as I have the booklet here with me.

    Not a bad idea Sach, pick a few things you would like and I will get them for you as your Xmas pressie. I'm still getting something else for Micah though hehe

  3. I've just had a look at the site and bookmarked some things we'll order. Doesn't look like there is the same range as last year. Was looking for those calendars that you can make yourself so we can get another one of Maddy...but they're not there. Nevermind, just means we'll be ordering more chocolate!!

    I meant that we would buy the stuff and you can send it to us for Christmas!

  4. Oi, LOL

    Yup, noticed that as well and not sure why they're not doing them again this year.
    No problem in sending you the items either and you don't have to order if you don't want to. I'm only buying a few things this year. We went all out last year but this year we are taking it easy. So much fundraising activities this year so I'm pacing myself LOL

  5. MaddysDaddy11:34 AM GMT-5

    Yeah after last year's debacle with Maddy missing out on his ride in the Hummer, I'm not so sure we should go hard out with his fundraising this year like we did last year. :)

  6. Oops I had not realised that if I deleted photos on my gmail account that it would delete them on here lol

  7. Oh and I agree hon, we hare 5 more years of this LOL so I'm not spending as much as we did last year :)

  8. How come he missed out on his Hummer ride?

  9. Because the silly PTA staff member put his letter in the wrong teachers box on Friday and that teacher never passed it onto Ms Weatherholtz till the following Monday. The hummer ride was Monday afternoon. I didn't get the letter till after 5pm when maddy got back from his playdate and of course it was too late. I sent in a complaint and they apologised for the mishaps GRRRR Maddy was not pleased and besides we worked hard to get lots of items sold, you guys helped us bigtime.
    He actually wasn't chosen to go until the put several names in a hat and picked out his name :)


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