Sunday, August 24

A Message for Aunty Lagi

Enjoy your birthday today. Maddy and I are having chicken wings with rice and salad to celebrate :0) Love Ya, MRM xxx


  1. Man! That's so cool - wish it were my birthday message! Enjoy your chicken wings...yum, yum!

  2. Not to worry I'll get Maddy to do one for you too. I'll try and get him to sing and dance for you or show off his power ranger moves LOL We should have done the same for Nanna and Papa.

  3. MaddysDaddy4:53 PM GMT-5

    Hey babe, we should add a Movies label to all the posts with movies on them so we can view all the posts with movies on them. What do you reggon?

  4. aunty lagi10:23 PM GMT-5

    thanks so much for the bday wishes - how cool. only just managed to see it - have been in auck for volley nationals all week... yay! what a cool message!!! love ya all xxx

  5. How did you guys do? hope you won!


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