Friday, September 12

Madison's new blog
Madison has changed blog sites - his new blog is now at Xanga. You can link to it by clicking on this link or by navigating through his main website.

Thursday, September 11

Hide & Seek
Yep, that's Madison's new favourite game. Rach and I will go hide and he'll seek us out. If at first he doesn't find us, he'll systematically comb the house until he does. Once he finds us he bursts into a fit of self congratulatory laughter.

We've started teaching him how to feed himself with his fork and spoon. He loves it! Of course he makes a huge mess but for him, it makes eating time fun. I was changing his shirt last night and I noticed that he knows to put his arms through the sleeves and raise his foot when I'm trying to put his shorts on. So clever.

Next mission is to start potty training him. Ummm anyone have a clue how to do that?

Tuesday, September 9

Madison takes the MMR in stride
We all went up to MedCen today to have Madison's MMR shot administered. Shots don't come cheap in this country - I'm sure it would have been free in NZ but here it costs $85.00. He was such a brave little boy during the whole thing. He cried a little when the needle went into his arm but after a little soothing from mommy, he forgot about the whole thing.

I've posted photos of the whole thing on his website.
No, that doesn't stand for Madison Matthew Rachel. That stands for Measles, Mumps and Rubella, which is the shot that Madison will be getting at MedCen this afternoon.

I'm definitely more nervous about it than he is. I hope I don't pass out.

Monday, September 8

Happy Birthday Aunty Sachi!
Hmmm how old does this make my li'l sister? Madison has advised me that it might not be a good idea to mention her age on his website as I might get sued for defamation hee hee.

Happy birthday Sachi! We emailed you but we got a reply saying you were on leave again. Oka, how much leave do you get a year anyway?
Sunday Already?
This weekend seems to have just flown by. The Habitat for Humanity Golf Tournamnet was a success. They had a total of 20 teams this year; up from the 13 teams they had last year.

Our Peace Corps team won the championship flight by 2 strokes from Leavai Dental. We had a good round, recording 7 birdies without any bogies. It was nice to finally win something - we won 3 nice caps, 3 golf towels and a new golf bag to go along with the trophy.

Madison and his mommy came up to the clubhouse at the conclusion of the round. Madison loved running around the clubhouse (a big fale) - and was the focus of attention with everyone saying how cute he was and he must get it from his mommys side.

I'm starting to wonder why people keep saying that.

Saturday, September 6

Miss Tutti Frutti
Yep, that's the name of the faafafine show that Rachel is going to tonight. Would I be caught dead there? Oh hell no! The Teuila festival is drawing to a close and we haven't been able to see much of it - partly due to a fear of Madison contracting the German Measles outbreak that is going around the island right now.

So, I'll be babysitting the little prince tonight. Tomorrow, I have an early start, thanks to the Habitat for Humanity Golf Annual Tournament up at Faleata Golf Course. It's going to be a fun day all round.

Tuesday, September 2

13 month photos
Mr Maddy's 13 month photos have been posted. There aren't many pics there yet, but we're hoping to take some more during the week. The Teuila Festival has started so we might go for a walkabout during the week and shoot some more photos of our resident superstar.

Sunday, August 31

How Stunning!
Have you seen Aunty Lagi's 30th pictures from her bash at Diva's?
She looks GREAT!

Check out Aunty "Sachikokonut's website" for the pics.
Dinner at Giordano's Pizzeria
Last night we went to dinner with some of my family visiting from the States and Pago (Uncle Steve and Aunty Lou, Deborah, Winkie and kids). Madison really enjoyed his night with all the kids especially Rebekah's little girl Violet who is 2 months older than him. They both ran riot and had their parents chasing them all over the place.

There were some lovely moments (which unfortunately were not caught on camera) where they both hugged, kissed and shoved each other. So cute!

Wednesday, August 27

Prayers for Sarona
Wishing you a strong road to recovery,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you Rona,
Hurry on back ... We miss you here ... Lots of Alofas MRM

Tuesday, August 26

Wonderful News !!!
Oh my! My baby sister is getting married! Not only did she just have a birthday but one of her suprises was a proposal from her longtime boyfriend (now fiance?) Tolly. We're all so happy for the 2 of them. CONGRATULATIONS!

When's the big day? Where's it going to be? Is Madison going to be the pageboy? (he better be!) So many questions!

Stay tuned for future developments :)

Sunday, August 24

Happy Birthday Aunty Lagi!
I know it's not the 25th yet here in Samoa, but it is in New Zealand. Today is Lagi's 30th (did I say 30th? oka!) and I can't believe my li'l kid sister is 30 already - congratulations sis! I hope you have a good one - wish we were there to celebrate it with you.

We baked a cake in your honour and we're going to eat it tonight. Woohoo it's a marble cake with chocolate icing and there better be some cake left by the time I get home!

Saturday, August 23

Saturday Morning Breakfast
Rachel's aunty Lee and uncle Joe invited us to breakfast at JT's Sports Bar this morning. It was nice to see them again after such a long time. Madison loved roaming the bar, touching everything and walking up to total strangers to say hello.

It's funny how kids do that. I wonder at what age kids start to get shy. I think this world would be a better place if everyone would just have the courage to say hi to everyone else and smile, like Madison does.

Friday, August 22

TGI Friday
Madison has had a hectic morning. While we were outside on the back porch, he fell off the porch. The porch is only 2 steps high so he didn't fall far, but when you're only 2 steps tall, it can be quite frightening. I thought I had him covered but he tried to walk down the steps without me and I just missed catching him.

You should have seen the evils him and his mom was shooting back at me.

On a lighter note, we all had a nice shower where he likes to play with his toys on the shower floor. It takes his mind off the fact that the shower is so cold, which is good.

He suprised us all when he climbed onto the couch in the living room all by himself. Of course he did it all so nonchalantly, as if he could always do it, but has been waiting for the right time to show us.
Clever Maddy!!
It only took two minutes for Maddy's Daddy to show him how to open up a dvd case and remove the dvd disc from it - now how clever is that!

And he also knows how to turn the TV off and on again ... auoi!

Thursday, August 21

Pardon? did you say something (hehe)
Chasing Chooks
Yep, that's what Madison was up to this morning. There were some noisy chickens on our back porch so Madison took it upon himself to go outside and chase them off the porch. He also likes wandering around the yard, picking up things and throwing them.

It's funny when I call out to him to come, he pretends to not hear me. Selective hearing - now who does he get that from I wonder?

Wednesday, August 20

Who's turning 30?
Madison heard that one of his Aunty's is turning 30 years of age next week!! I wonder who that could be ?!? (hehe).
Rachel & I didn't get home last night till about 7.30pm and when we got home, Madison was already fast asleep. We thought that maybe he'd wake up sometime before we all went to bed but he slept right through to this morning.

There's a measles outbreak in Samoa right now. I heard there were about 10 reported cases so far. Our doctor tells us that Maddy isn't due for his MMR shots until he is 13-15 months old but I did a bit of online research and apparently he can get them as soon as he turns 12 months old. YIKES! Anyone know what the real deal is?

Tuesday, August 19

Tuesday Already?
It seems like the weekend just flew by. Madison had fun playing all day with mommy and daddy. His new thing now is throwing things. He used to try and throw things but he would always let go of whatever he was holding too early and end up dropping it behind him.

Now he is a pro, he can throw almost anything - including daddy's precious remote controls *sigh*

Saturday, August 16

Weekend Plans
Madison loves the weekends because it means his daddy and mommy get to stay home and play with him all day. What do we have planned for this weekend? Rachel managed to score us some good DVD's - Tomb Raider 2, Bad Boys 2, Pirates of the Carribean & Legally Blonde 2, so we're going to watch some DVD's and then go for a ride later in the afternoon.

Madison is verbalising a lot more now. He is almost ready to start talking. We keep trying to teach him new words to try and I can see him trying his best to figure out how to say them himself.

Friday, August 15

We're in the money!
Madison has his very own bank account set up with Samoa Commercial Bank. Kind donations and non-refundable grants are welcomed (hehe :)) Feel free to email his mummy for the bank account details.
I think Madison enjoyed eating popcorn with his daddy more than the actual movie - he did well to last 3/4 of the way and after a bottle, quietly fell asleep.

Thursday, August 14

Finding Nemo
Well it looks like we're all going to Finding Nemo tonight. I think Madison will enjoy the movie - any excuse for daddy to eat popcorn huh?
Savaii Trip
I just got back from Savaii. I flew out from Fagalii at 830am, got to Maota at 8.50am and taxied to Salelologa. I managed to complete my job there in about half an hour and made the 10 o'clock boat back to Mulifanua. I hate the boat. It was interesting to note that around 90% of the passengers on the boat were seasick along with me. So much for the Navigator Islands huh?
The truth revealed!!
Well we all know who the sookie is in our family so Madison's tantrums definitely comes from his fathers side and not his mothers side (hehe)

Wednesday, August 13

A Year and Counting
I noticed a few things Madison seems to be doing a lot of lately. He points to things he wants and pushes away things he doesn't want. I know it may seem trivial, but I think it's clever because he's developing ways to communicate to us what he wants before he's learnt how to talk.

He also loves playing with the computer. He knows how to open the cd-rom device and loves tapping away on the keyboard. If Rachel or I are trying to do something on the computer he'll zoom on over and demand that he be placed on our lap so he can do some typing as well.

He throws a cute li'l temper tantrum if we don't pick him up. I'm sure he gets that from his mothers side.
OK Here's How To Do It
I think I've finally figured out how to add members to Madison's new blog. I have to send you an invitation to your email address, then you have to sign up for your own account with Blogger. This will give you your own blog, but if you don't want to use it you don't have to! Once you've signed up, accept the invitation to Madison Luke's Blog and then you will be able to add comments to his blog.

I downloaded the Google 2.0 toolbar which makes the addition of comments to his blog as easy as a single click of a button.

Madison Speaks
Welcome to my new blog. I told daddy that I need to stay abreast of the newest technology and so he must change the way my blog looks. What do you think? Looks good aye?