Friday, February 27

Practicing His Part

Take 1

Take 2

Basketball season has come to an end

Basketball season ended last weekend with a party at Fuddruckers. Maddy went along with his friend Michael and his Mum to the function. I was very ill and couldn't attend. Maddy was fine about it though and was only interested in receiving his award and playing games at the arcade LOL.

The boys did well this season, learning the basics and the rules of the game. They each received a certificate and trophy for their achievements.

Next on his activity list is Soccer and Tae Kwon Do.

Monday, February 23

Lalovaea Visit

I went to visit the old house at Lalovaea today. I was hoping that Neta and her husband had an umu ready for toonai but no such luck. So I had to make my own luck and bought an umu from the Fugalei market, some wahoo, mamoe and some koko samoa. My kind of lunch! When we left Samoa Neta didn't have any kids but not three years later, she has 2 kids with another on the way. The house at Lalovaea is looking very old & tired and should be repaired or demolished soon.

Amataga, me and Neta's son Kevin in the faletaavale

Alofa and her brother Amataga

Kaga Makangka on the stairs in Mama's house

Neta with her pepe fou

Neta's eldest son, Kevin

Friday, February 13

Happy Valentines Daddy

Maddy made this for you at school today :)

Power Goes Out

Due to the storms that hit Oklahoma a few days ago, we experienced very strong winds all day yesterday and last night. Our power went out around 8.30ish for a little while. Maddy and I were reading his book at the time and decided to take this video :) We are fine by the way!

Thursday, February 12

Happy Birthday Aunty Mona

Wishing you a happy and joyful birthday :)

Miss you heaps, love Rach, Matt & Maddy xxx

Friday, February 6

Happy Birthday Uncle Lloyd

Lloyd is the big one standing next to Mum LOL
Happy 40th birthday bro, Love Us xox

Thursday, February 5

Happy Birthday Cousin Micah!

Have fun on your birthday, eat lots of yummy goodies and hope you get lots of pressies too.

Love always, Uncle Matt, Aunty Rach and Cuzzie Maddy xox

Monday, February 2

My b'day muffin cake

So much for Maddy helping me out with my blueberry muffin cake LOL I had to do it all myself, but that's ok, I purchased a ready-to-make mixture that only needed water added LOL Yup, my kind of baking. We had no icing nor b'day candles but that's ok, we will make do with the sprinkles.
I spent the morning volunteering at Maddy's school library for an hour then cleaned up the house before Maddy got home from school around 12.45pm. We watched a movie together (Space Chimps) then I made the muffin cake. On Wednesday I get to spoil myself by getting my hair done (long overdue) and a spa treatment (manicure and pedicure). Thanks Daddy & Maddy :)
Thanks for the birthday wishes family and friends :o)

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Dear Mommy,

On your birthday, Maddy and I would like to:

Wish you a very happy birthday and. . .

Hope you have a great day and. . .

Thank you for putting up with us when we don't what we should and. . .

Promise you we'll try harder to help out more and. . .

Think you are the best mommy in the world and

Love you for always looking after and being there for us!

~Daddy and Maddy