Saturday, July 25

Happy 7th Birthday Son!

After a lengthy teeth cleaning session for the three of us at the Dentist this morning, we decided to take Madison out for lunch at one of his favorite restaurants, Sakura - Japanese Steak, Seafood and Sushi Bar, to celebrate his birthday. His actual birthday party is not till next Saturday as it was the only day available to play mini golf.

We enjoyed Hibachi style cooking where the chef cooks in front of you - very entertaining and very yummy food. After the main course, the waiter bought in a cheesecake with a candle on it, and sang happy birthday to him. Mommy and Daddy got to enjoy it on his behalf LOL.
We also got a surprise call from Papa and Nana, after visiting Best Buy for his birthday present - a Wii game console and game of his choice - lucky boy. It was nice to hear from them both. We can't wait to see Nana and the rest of the Mano'o Clan in September :)

Monday, July 6

Swimming Cancelled

Not enough kids enrolled in the 2nd round of level four swimming classes this week, so it's been cancelled. The manager of the pool suggested we get maddy into private lessons, which will only cost us an extra $40 on top of the current enrollment fee we paid for the public lessons. After talking it over with the swim coach, he thinks it will only take a few more lessons before Maddy really knows how to swim free-style properly. He learns the swimming stroke techniques very well, and now it's just a matter of coordinating that with his breathing.

He's come a long way since we started and hopefully, if he's up to it, he might want to swim competitively. We will have to wait and see what his cardiologist says first before we enter him in any competitive races.
Private lessons start tommorrow and ends next Tuesday. He'll know how to swim properly by the end of it :)

Thursday, July 2

Basketball Class

I forgot to charge the camera and missed out on taking more videos and pictures of Maddy learning the basics of basketball.

There were suppose to be 13 kids but only 5 turned up. Not surprising, considering the muck up they had last weekend. Everyone was told different times and venues and two of us weren't told about anything lol. Oh well, at least we made it to this one on time and at the right place lol.

The age group ranges from 6-10, with Maddy and Ben (smallest one) being the youngest of the group. They practiced different passing and dribbling skills and also shooting skills as well. Because they only had 5 players, there were no scrimmages, but they did play a few shooting games. Overall he had fun and didn't want it to end.