Monday, July 6

Swimming Cancelled

Not enough kids enrolled in the 2nd round of level four swimming classes this week, so it's been cancelled. The manager of the pool suggested we get maddy into private lessons, which will only cost us an extra $40 on top of the current enrollment fee we paid for the public lessons. After talking it over with the swim coach, he thinks it will only take a few more lessons before Maddy really knows how to swim free-style properly. He learns the swimming stroke techniques very well, and now it's just a matter of coordinating that with his breathing.

He's come a long way since we started and hopefully, if he's up to it, he might want to swim competitively. We will have to wait and see what his cardiologist says first before we enter him in any competitive races.
Private lessons start tommorrow and ends next Tuesday. He'll know how to swim properly by the end of it :)


  1. Aunty Sachi11:54 PM GMT-5

    Say WHAT?!?! Cardiologist?!? Does Maddy have a heart condition? Since when? This is news to me!!!

  2. oi, I'm sure we mentioned it a few years back LOL.

    When Maddy was around 3 yrs of age, he was referred to a group of cardiologists visiting from Australia, because our doctor discovered a heart murmur. He was diagnosed as having a mild to medium case of Rheumatic Fever and had to have monthly penicillan injections.

    When we arrived here in the US, I went about organising Maddys injections that he needed to have each month. While talking with our new family doctor about his condition, she referred us to a Cardiologist. After numerous tests and six monthly visits, his diagnosis was, that Maddy was probably born with Mitral Insufficiency and or Regurgitation- (

    He told us that Maddy is not suppose to do any type of weight lifting/body building and when I mentioned to him at Maddys last check up earlier this year, about swimming, he was concerned that if he swam competitively, it might put a lot of strain on his heart. He said it was ok if he was learning how to swim, but anything more, we will have to wait and see.

    So that's where we are to date. Sorry I thought we mentioned it already!!

  3. and you wonder why I'm so protective of him (or is it over-protective lol)

  4. Wow, that is total news to me about Maddy's heart condition. I will have to read up a bit more about it. Thanks for the web link.

    So how did you first discover that he had this? Is it a regular test that kids should have? I would have never known from looking at him that he had a condition. He's always been very active and happy.

  5. It started off with a sore throat. When we visited the doc, he heard a murmur and referred us to the Aussie Cardiologists. They diagnosed it as Rheumatic Fever (runs in my family - my younger brother has a hole in his heart and was also diagnosed with Rheumatic Fever). But even after the tests, I would be more inclined to believe our doctor here - nothings changed over the past three years, so it's likely he was born with it.

    You wouldn't think with all the sports he's been playing that he has this condition but we still have to make sure he doesn't push himself too much - runs out of breath easily.

    He's a strong boy :)


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