Monday, April 19

Player of the Week

Maddy's MVP #10 Team USA jersey
Maddy played his first soccer game of the season last weekend. His team is named the Green Geckos, a name the kids selected for themselves.

Maddy did well, scoring his team's first goal and was awarded the Player of the Week for being a good all round teammate. The weekly award came complete with a white Team USA #10 jersey for the awardee to wear/show off all week.

If you'd like to see his team's website click on the link below.

School Photo 2010

Madison Luke's 2nd Grade Class Photo
We got Maddy's school photos in the mail last week and were pleased with how they turned out. Rach wasn't sure if she should have dressed him in a polo shirt with collar or go with the All Black jersey his Uncle Ivan sent him. I think she made the right choice, Maddy looks like a future All Black in the making.

Tuesday, April 6

Day Trip to the Zoo

On a nice warm spring day, Mommy took Maddy to the National Zoo

The entrance to the Zoo is at the top of a hill which means you walk downhill at the beginning but end up walking uphill to get back to the exit.

Taking a break from all the walking

Maddy reads up about the Asian Elephant

Monday, April 5

Spring Break

Maddy is back in school after spending an entire week away from home. Vai and Fati were kind enough to allow Maddy to spend the week with them and the kids. Maddy was a little reluctant to go at first but in the end he didn't want to come home. We missed our boy while he was away, the house was too quiet.

The weather has been very pleasant lately, spring is finally upon us! One of the traditional spring events in DC is the Cherry Blossom Festival. Rach and Maddy tagged along with Vai and the kids for a walk around the Basin Reserve to check out the cherry blossoms on a very nice warm spring day.

Soccer season for Maddy starts next weekend which is exactly what Maddy needs after being indoors all winter long.