Tuesday, April 6

Day Trip to the Zoo

On a nice warm spring day, Mommy took Maddy to the National Zoo

The entrance to the Zoo is at the top of a hill which means you walk downhill at the beginning but end up walking uphill to get back to the exit.

Taking a break from all the walking

Maddy reads up about the Asian Elephant


  1. Can't believe we found out way to the Zoo using the Metro hehe Now that the weather is improving, it's time to find more fun things to do. Maddy loves the Zoo but got really tired at the end of it. Walking back up the hill was a killer hehe

  2. MaddysDaddy10:16 AM GMT-5

    That's the only problem with that Zoo, mind you, the San Diego Zoo was like that too. I guess you'd better be ready for a hike if you want to go to the Zoo lol

  3. We always love going to the zoo! He looks so happy!


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