Thursday, April 23

Brothers in Arms

Maddy got a haircut like Micah's to show solidarity with his li'l cuzzie in Australia.

Maddy wants Micah to know that this style looks GOOD! Makes you look older :)

Saturday, April 18

Maddy's first soccer game

Maddy has his first soccer game today. It was a gloriously sunny day, just perfect for being outdoors. Maddy scored a goal but I didn't get it on tape since he was on the far field at the time but I witnessed it! We had a celebratory ice cream on the way home.

Monday, April 13

Soccer Practice

Maddy was all geared up with his new soccer boots, socks, shin and ankle guards, ready for his first practice last Wednesday. There were only six boys that turned up as the rest were away on Spring Break. Considering this was his first time he's ever played, he did OK. He did manage to score a goal but I did not have the camera rolling at the time, as I was too excited, jumping up and down and cheering for him.

Training Wheels No More (Pt. 2)

Monday, April 6

Training Wheels No More

I can remember my Dad teaching me how to ride a bike and yesterday I returned the favor.

Maddy and I headed to our underground garage since it is nice and smooth plus there is normally noone down there during the day. Maddy tends to get flustered when he is learning something new and hates to 'look bad' while doing it so the garage was perfect.

We pulled his bike out of storage, gave it a quick clean, adjusted the seat and pumped up both tires. I showed him where the brakes were and how to use them and off we went. After 2 or 3 trial runs (with me holding on to his bike while running beside him) he was off on his own. The look of joy and amazement that he was doing it all on his own was priceless. I wish I had the foresight to have brought the camera with me!

Maddy is a natural. He must get it from his mother because when Dad taught me how to ride my bike I ended up in the hospital with a broken arm. I also broke my face when I fell of a bike in Australia so it definitely doesn't come from my side of the family.

After 30 minutes of riding up and down the garage YAAYing and WOOHOOing he wanted to show Mommy so we went and got her. Mommy was surprised that he learned how to ride so quickly.

I told her it was because he had a good teacher!