Monday, April 13

Soccer Practice

Maddy was all geared up with his new soccer boots, socks, shin and ankle guards, ready for his first practice last Wednesday. There were only six boys that turned up as the rest were away on Spring Break. Considering this was his first time he's ever played, he did OK. He did manage to score a goal but I did not have the camera rolling at the time, as I was too excited, jumping up and down and cheering for him.


  1. Gosh, can't believe how tall Maddy is compared to the other kids.
    Love how he falls over and gets right back up again and keeps going. Good on ya Maddy.
    I saw that he stole a couple of balls off the other boys too. Pretty good for his first game/practice ever!!

  2. aunty lagi5:40 AM GMT-5

    hahaha - LOL at the first clip. he's like "OWWW" hahaha :)
    he's got good spatial awareness - he doesn't follow the ball around like bees around a hive - he goes for the open space. go maddy!

  3. MaddysDaddy10:24 AM GMT-5

    That's what his coach says too.


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