Friday, August 27

Back-To-School Fashion Show

I was asked by one of our Sales Managers whether Madison would like to take part in a back-to-school fashion show at Macy's and to my surprise, he said 'Yes' straight away. Last Friday was the show and even though he was shy at first, he thoroughly enjoyed the experience and is keen to do more in the future.

Epic Thread Gears

Levi Jeans and Epic Thread Tee and Shirt/Hoody

After the kids show, we spent the next 20 minutes watching the young men's and girls fashion show (well Maddy did while I looked around the store for a bit). He was fascinated by the way the guys modelled and when the show had finished, he said that now he knows what to do next time. He also wished he had seen this show before they did there's to get some ideas on what to do on stage :-) ... future model in the making perhaps ?!? lol

Happy Belated Birthday Aunty Ling

Hope you had a fantastic birthday and got lots of pressies
Much Love Maddy, Matt and Rach xo

Thursday, August 12


Yesterday was ridiculously hot. It was 100F (37C) on the way home from work yesterday which was further compounded by the fact that our car's AC is on the fritz. Even at night it never dipped below 91F (33C). If you thought Samoa was hot and humid, it doesn't even compare to how hot it gets in DC. Yesterday it was a mere 72F (22C) in Apia.

Our tour guide in Niagara Falls told us when he asks tourists of what they thought of DC they all reply, "HOT". I can't believe we had 6 feet of snow on the streets 4 months ago. Ok, enough of summer already!

Monday, August 9

Happy Birthday BatGran!

A big happy birthday goes out to our dearest BatGran from the whole crew here in DC. Wish we were there to celebrate with you at the Japanese restaurant Mom!

Saturday, August 7

Road Trip 2010: Niagara Falls, New York Pt III

You won't find Maddy too far from a swimming pool
At Fantasy Island theme park
Maddy makes friends so easily

Maddy getting squashed but having fun
Maddy and Rach going up the Silver Comet rollercoaster

Maddy loved the bumper cars, especially crashing into other cars
At the wave pool

Maddy would stay in the pool all day if he could
Ready to hit the road for Pittsburgh

Road Trip 2010: Niagara Falls, New York Pt II

Our original plan was to just take in the sights unassisted but at the last moment we relented and decided to take a guided tour. The selling point was we would be able to see all the sights in 5 hours that normally would take the average tourist a day and a half to see on their own. It turned out to be the best decision we made on the road trip.

Rach and Maddy enjoying the view
Preparing to go down the elevator to the base of the Falls
At the Whirlpool State Park
Maddy and his friend Riley trying to figure out how to put the panchos on
No, that's not me choking Rachel
The Observation Deck

Not a sight you see every day
On the Maid of the Mist with hundreds of fellow tourists dressed in trendy blue trash bags

The boat took us right underneath the Canadian Falls where the wind and mist was fierce
The American Falls
Maddy and his friend right before he got hit in the nose by a stuffed toy snake

Wednesday, August 4

Road Trip 2010: Niagara Falls, New York Part I

Listed as one of the must see destinations of a lifetime, Niagara Falls was a place we just had to see while we had the opportunity and it didn't disappoint.

Of course Maddy insisted we started the day off with a dip in the pool
Maddy made me sit in a pink rocking chair while we waited for our 5 hour guided tour to start
At Terrapin Point overlooking Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side
Maddy was fascinated by these viewers
The viewing platforms were super close to the edge of the Falls
We ventured down to the base of the Falls to see the Cave of the Winds
Maddy loved getting wet, no surprise there
Maddy and Daddy getting drenched by the American Falls at the famed Hurricane Deck
Halfway through the day and all is going well
Rach enjoying the view from the Observation Deck overlooking the American Falls

Road Trip 2010: Coney Island, New York

On our way out of New York City we stopped by for a quick visit to Coney Island. We managed to visit the NY Aquarium and the beach before made our way to Niagara Falls.

The NY Aquarium at Coney Island
On the Coney Island boardwalk
Maddy enjoying the beach
The Sea Lion show
Ground Zero in NYC
New York City was one of a kind. I don't think I could handle the hustle and bustle of NY City life on a permanent basis but it sure was fun visiting it for the first time. Next time we visit we will have to do a guided tour!

Road Trip 2010: New York City, New York

Philadelphia, PA to NYC, NY
 Trip distance: 94.1 mi Time: 1 hr 48 mins 

The trip to NYC from Philly was a short hop up the New Jersey Turnpike. It was quite a thrill for all of us to see the Manhattan skyline for the first time.

Manhattan skyscrapers from our car window
Our first stop was the hotel in downtown Brooklyn. As we pulled off the freeway, Rach looked at me with the look that said, "is this area safe?" because it didn't look that great but we were pleasantly surprised with the place in the end. The next morning we ventured out to Planet Hollywood in Times Square to pick up our New York passes.

Times Square, NYC

Tuesday, August 3

Manuia Lou Aso Fanau Papa!

Happy 67th birthday Papa! Judging from the photos posted on Isla's website you are still looking young and malosi, malo lava Dad! We hope you had a good day and we will celebrate your birthday with a piece of cake here in New York. Much alofas from all of us.

Monday, August 2

Road Trip 2010: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philly was supposed to be a mere afterthought on our way to New York City and Niagara Falls but ended up being a very interesting stop. We managed to see Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, National Constitutional Center, the Rocky Steps & Statue and the Please Touch Museum.

Behind Independence Hall with Maddy
In front of Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed
Taking a break by the First Amendment marker
The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, PA
In front of the Please Touch Museum
Rach by an elephant made of toys and knickknacks

Maddy working the digger at the Please Touch Museum
Maddy with a signer of the Constitution at the National Constitution Center
Our last photo of the National Constitution Center before we were asked to stop taking pics
Philadelphia is truly a historic city which deserved more than 1 day. We will try to visit it again in the future. For now we will be making our way to NYC. Tomorrow we will post some pics of our 2 day trip to the Big Apple.