Wednesday, August 4

Road Trip 2010: New York City, New York

Philadelphia, PA to NYC, NY
 Trip distance: 94.1 mi Time: 1 hr 48 mins 

The trip to NYC from Philly was a short hop up the New Jersey Turnpike. It was quite a thrill for all of us to see the Manhattan skyline for the first time.

Manhattan skyscrapers from our car window
Our first stop was the hotel in downtown Brooklyn. As we pulled off the freeway, Rach looked at me with the look that said, "is this area safe?" because it didn't look that great but we were pleasantly surprised with the place in the end. The next morning we ventured out to Planet Hollywood in Times Square to pick up our New York passes.

Times Square, NYC
Driving over the Brooklyn Bridge
Trying to figure out what to do next
From Times Square we walked a few blocks to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum.

Me, Maddy and Robin Williams asking us for a tip
The current and future occupants of the Oval Office
Yao Ming, one tall dude
The 5th Spice Girl
On the Ferry to Liberty and Ellis Islands
After the Wax Museum we spent the next 2 hours waiting on line to board the ferry to go see the Statue of Liberty.
It was a nice sunny day in NYC
The Statue of Liberty
After the Statue of Liberty we went to the King Tut exhibit (no photography allowed) and then made our way to the NY Skyride and Empire State Building Observation Deck.

A truly magnificent sight
The lobby of the Empire State Building
Maddy takes in the sights from the 102nd floor
On top of the world
Our next stop is Niagara Falls, NY which is a 6+ hour drive from NYC. The Road Trip continues!

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