Monday, August 2

Road Trip 2010: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philly was supposed to be a mere afterthought on our way to New York City and Niagara Falls but ended up being a very interesting stop. We managed to see Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, National Constitutional Center, the Rocky Steps & Statue and the Please Touch Museum.

Behind Independence Hall with Maddy
In front of Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed
Taking a break by the First Amendment marker
The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, PA
In front of the Please Touch Museum
Rach by an elephant made of toys and knickknacks

Maddy working the digger at the Please Touch Museum
Maddy with a signer of the Constitution at the National Constitution Center
Our last photo of the National Constitution Center before we were asked to stop taking pics
Philadelphia is truly a historic city which deserved more than 1 day. We will try to visit it again in the future. For now we will be making our way to NYC. Tomorrow we will post some pics of our 2 day trip to the Big Apple.

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