Wednesday, December 31

Happy Birthday Daddy!

We celebrated Daddy's birthday with a yummy cooked lunch of chicken wings, potato salad, rice and chocolate cake with ice cream for dessert. Since Daddy hasn't been well and unable to walk for the past two weeks, we decided a nice home cooked lunch would suffice. I hope he enjoyed it as much as we did :)

Friday, December 19

Presents Galore!

Thank you to our family and friends that have sent Christmas presents for Maddy and Us. As you can see from the picture, we can't fit anymore under the tree. I couldn't resist opening up Aunty Mona's package from Hawaii as it had some yummy goodies that I wanted to eat right away LOL The rest will be left for Christmas Day for Maddy to unwrap.
Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Christmas and New Years.

(One thing we haven't quite finished is decorating the tree as I can't seem to find the rest of our decorations LOL)

"I wonder what's in this box"

Our Advent Calendar (Thanks Nanna)

Monday, December 15

They Won!

The Black Knights Basketball team won their first game on Saturday, 6 - 4 and what a great game it was. No scores are taken but Daddy and I were keeping count anyway. The first half of the hour was spent on skills testing like running relays and dribbling skills and the second half was the game. They played for six minutes each quarter and did quite well. Maddy came off the bench on the second and last quarter and had a good game, defending and passing the ball to his team mates. It was nice to see all the parents there cheering their children on.

Aunty Lu and Uncle Steve from Connecticut arrived that afternoon too and came to watch the game as well. Uncle Steve had a meeting in DC so they spent the weekend with us. We went bowling Sunday afternoon and then had dinner at Sakura - Japanese Hibachi Cooking Restaurant - YUMMY.

I forgot to take the camera with me so no pictures were taken but when I get a chance, I'll take one of Maddy in his uniform.

Tuesday, December 2

More Basketball Training

Third week of practice and the boys are improving on their basketball skills. Tonight they practiced their dribbling, bounce passing and shooting and ended the night with a scrimage. Their first game is on Dec 13th - not sure who against but we will find out at next weeks practice. Their team name is Black Knights and they will be receiving their uniforms next week.

Dribbling Practice

Bounce Pass Practice

Defence Practice


Monday, December 1

Thanksgiving Dinner

Last Thursday, we spent Thanksgiving with the Palombo Family at their apartment in DC. They cooked up a feast which consisted of turkey, stuffing, green salad, green beans with cheese sauce and mashed potato and gravy. Juice, water and red wine was also served, which made the meal even more delicious lol.

We provided dessert - pumpkin pie, pecan pie and apple pie (yum) with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream lol what a FEAST! Matt couldn't even fit dessert in and had to wait till we got home to enjoy it. I was able to eat one slice of apple pie with a scoop of ice cream, and that was about it.

Maddy and Nikolino spent the entire time laughing and playing x-box games (Madagascar) while we sat around enjoying our wine and each other's company. Nikolino also has a younger brother, Dominico Jnr (1 mth old) but he was fast asleep in the bedroom most of the time.