Friday, December 19

Presents Galore!

Thank you to our family and friends that have sent Christmas presents for Maddy and Us. As you can see from the picture, we can't fit anymore under the tree. I couldn't resist opening up Aunty Mona's package from Hawaii as it had some yummy goodies that I wanted to eat right away LOL The rest will be left for Christmas Day for Maddy to unwrap.
Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Christmas and New Years.

(One thing we haven't quite finished is decorating the tree as I can't seem to find the rest of our decorations LOL)

"I wonder what's in this box"

Our Advent Calendar (Thanks Nanna)


  1. ooh I hope some of those pressies are for you and Matt too! Maddy's one lucky boy to have so many pressies. Next year you'll have to get a bigger tree!! :)

  2. I think there are two presents at most for the two of us LOL


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