Tuesday, December 2

More Basketball Training

Third week of practice and the boys are improving on their basketball skills. Tonight they practiced their dribbling, bounce passing and shooting and ended the night with a scrimage. Their first game is on Dec 13th - not sure who against but we will find out at next weeks practice. Their team name is Black Knights and they will be receiving their uniforms next week.

Dribbling Practice

Bounce Pass Practice

Defence Practice



  1. aunty lagi11:36 PM GMT-5

    Yeah, go Maddy and the Black Knights!! Good luck getting past Maddy - he's so tall! :)

  2. Good on ya Maddy! He plays better than I do. Still remember when I ran down the wrong end of the court and scored a basket (on my own end) and Dad was yelling out 'Sub, sub, sub'! LOL

  3. hahaha that is funny Sach! way to score one for the other team LOL

  4. I'm dying of suspense! How did the first game go?

  5. Went really well and even though they don't keep score, we won 6-4. Maddy played really good defence and had some really good passes in the game too - was very impressed by the team overall.


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