Wednesday, May 25

Daddy in Washington DC

Daddy is in Washington DC for IT training and is due back in the first week of June. He is going to visit my Nana, Papa, Aunty Lagi and Uncle Toli in Wellington, before he returns with ALL my pressies (hehe).

I miss him so much and so does Mommy! She has been driving me all around town, and taking me to school and picking me up, going to the shop to buy dvds, food and goodies to eat for me and my best friend Mataga.

Hurry on home Daddy, we love and miss you very much.

Blogging From Washington D.C.

If you're wondering why Madison's Journal hasn't been updated in awhile, it's because I am in Washington DC for a work related conference.

I'll be here for another few days before making my way home via NZ.

I miss my family and am already looking forward to coming home in a few days time. I wonder if Maddy misses me at all?

Monday, May 2

Maddy and His Best Friend

This is Maddy at play with his best friend from next door, Amataga. Amataga is 3 and a half but gets bossed around by our 2 year old Maddy.

Maddy's Friends

This is a photo I took today of Maddy's friends Toto and Alofa from next door. I tell ya, these kids can play all day, without rest.

Mr Handsome

Yep, our boy is gonna be a ladies man.

The first thing he did when we got to the beach yesterday was seek out a girl and play on the tree with her.

Most of his friends are girls too. I think it's funny but I think Mommy is keeping a close eye on him already hehe.

Don't Ask

A chocolate fish goes out to the person who can provide the best caption to this photo.

It was taken yesterday while he was having a shower outside with mommy and Neta.

I laugh everytime I see this one.

Shower Time

Madison loves taking showers outside.

Normally he'll say, "Daddy, can I have shower outside?"

Here's a photo of him having a shower outside in the backyard.

Uma School

Here's a picture I took of Madison leaving school on Friday. He's loving school and according to him, his best friend is a girl named Mona.

I can't figure out if she's the one standing in the doorway or the one standing outside but I'll find out.