Saturday, January 31

Team Photos

Today we went to Thoreau Middle school for Maddy's basketball photos and individual ones too. I ordered one 5x7 and one 8x10 for our photo collection. I took a few of my own but they didn't turn out very well - I think I've buggered up the settings on the camera again LOL.

When we got home, we decided to take a walk up the road to the store to buy a few supplies. We stopped off at Office Depot to buy some poster paper and felt tip pens for Maddy's school project, bank some checks, visit the dollar store, and then we wondered over to Noodles Company for afternoon brunch.

Enjoying his favorite pasta dish - 'house marinara'

Wednesday, January 28

School Closed Today

Due to the snow and ice storm yesterday and last night, all schools in VA and DC were closed today. Guess who was happy about that? Just as well because we both slept in today and when I woke up to check the news around 7.30am, notices were posted across the top of the tv screen announcing the closures.

It looked like the building manager had people shoveling snow off the footpath early this morning, as it was all cleared up. It's suppose to improve tommorrow (touchwood) and then I hear by Monday next week, we are expecting more storms. As long as the power doesn't go off, we are fine.

Tuesday, January 27

It's Finally Snowing

Snow fight with Daddy before he left for the airport

The snow was not deep enough for a snow angel

Monday, January 26

Farewell Dinner at Mango Mike's

This was our first time at Mango Mikes Caribbean Restaurant and what a lovely experience it was. It reminded me of dining out at Coconuts beach resort with it's palm trees, aquarium, sand, and exotic island menu as well as a relaxing atmosphere.

The Mango Island potions (drinks) were something to remember as well as the food selection which I must say was very tasty. Dom and Rosie tried the "puka puka" which consisted of coconut rum, myers, pineapple and mango juice, while Sakib and Kelly had pena colada's. I just stuck to my baileys irish coffee and cream LOL.

The kids enjoyed being seated in front of a big aquarium and while we sat and chatted and enjoyed our meals, when it ended, it was sad to say goodbye to Sakib, Kelly and Khalil. They are moving to Ecuador in March and will be there for at least 2 and 1/2 years.

Maddy with Mo Mo and Pichachu

Khalil, Nino and Maddy

Matt, Domenico, Sakib, Maddy, Rosie, Kelly, Nino and Khalil

Sunday, January 25

Game #5

Inbounds the ball to Sammy who scores one for the team


Nearly makes a shot

Dribbles and hands it off to Sammy who scores another for the team

Defending (or eye-balling his opponent LOL) and Intercepts a pass

Saturday, January 24

To Nanna and Papa

Mo Mo and Picachu

Madison brought home two classroom mascots, Mo Mo and Picachu on Friday to spend the week with us. He was also given a writing journal to take pictures and document things he does throughout the week with his special friends. This is all part of creative writing at home.

He's already had breakfast with his special friends and has taken them along to watch him play basketball as well. Tommorrow we will be taking them with us to dinner, to farewell Matt's friend Sakib and family, who are moving to Ecuador. Monday and Tuesday are teacher conference days, so Maddy, his friends and I will be seeing Daddy off at the airport Tuesday morning.
I'll post a copy of his journal once it's completed :)

Wednesday, January 14


Den activities are part of the Cub Scouts requirements and at tonights Tiger Den meeting, Maddy and his Daddy made a scrapbook page from photos we took at Seaworld in Orlando Florida a year ago. Matt said he put it together all by himself and was very proud of how it turned out.

Since Maddy likes doing arts and crafts, I might just get him to do a few more, especially of our trip to Rarotonga, Lagi and Tollys wedding, Grandma's visit last year, and a few about our weekend visits to several places around DC.

Monday, January 12

Maddy in Action - 3rd Game

Warming up before the game


Even though they lost this game, they played a good game overall especially on defence. We have more videos of Maddy in action but because the files are too large, they were taking too long to upload - will try to keep them shorter next time.

Saturday, January 10

Tiger Den Skit

Each den had to perform a skit for this months pack meeting and the Tiger Den did a skit on "Emergency Broadcast System"

Friday, January 2

Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a fun and safe start to the New Year. Ours was very quiet but nice. Maddy spent the day enjoying his new Christmas pressies, especially his D-Rex, PSP portable and Basketball bean chair - I need to get another one or two of those for his room so when his friends come over to play games, we have extra seating - thanks cuzzie Micah - his chair is cool!

Maddy's D-Rex is an interactive dinosaur who attacks, guards and has over 100 sounds and expressions. Sorry about the side view - Maddy wouldn't let me record him again so I had to use this one LOL