Wednesday, January 28

School Closed Today

Due to the snow and ice storm yesterday and last night, all schools in VA and DC were closed today. Guess who was happy about that? Just as well because we both slept in today and when I woke up to check the news around 7.30am, notices were posted across the top of the tv screen announcing the closures.

It looked like the building manager had people shoveling snow off the footpath early this morning, as it was all cleared up. It's suppose to improve tommorrow (touchwood) and then I hear by Monday next week, we are expecting more storms. As long as the power doesn't go off, we are fine.


  1. That's amazing! Isn't it fortunate that the inauguration wasn't snowed in last week? And to think that Australia is having terrible heat waves!

  2. It was still very cold on the day of the inauguration but you're right, it beats being snowed in.

    I can't wait for Spring and Summer to arrive!!


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