Monday, January 12

Maddy in Action - 3rd Game

Warming up before the game


Even though they lost this game, they played a good game overall especially on defence. We have more videos of Maddy in action but because the files are too large, they were taking too long to upload - will try to keep them shorter next time.


  1. aunty lagi3:16 AM GMT-5

    OMG!!! how cute...
    tell the truth, rach - are you like secretly screaming inside 'GET THE BL*&$DDY BALL!!!!!' lmao... i know how competitive you are!!! ;)

  2. LMAO you know me too well!!!

    Matt said he was glad I wasn't at that game because the boys were being pushed around by the other team and I would have made it known to the coach that they were fouling LOL

    One of the videos I tried to upload was of Maddy boxing out... or shall I say trying to get around his defence player. The kid was 'holding' him, so Maddy used his body and bum to get around him ... when I saw the video I was saying "that's my boy" LOL

    I think if we put him in Tae-Kwon-Do it will toughen him up a bit.

  3. Woo hoo - way to go Maddy. He did some awesome rebounds and dribbling. Uh camera man, can you please zoom in on the action when it's on the other side of the court please?!? LOL I wanna see some offensive action.

    He played really well - sooo proud of him!!


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