Saturday, January 31

Team Photos

Today we went to Thoreau Middle school for Maddy's basketball photos and individual ones too. I ordered one 5x7 and one 8x10 for our photo collection. I took a few of my own but they didn't turn out very well - I think I've buggered up the settings on the camera again LOL.

When we got home, we decided to take a walk up the road to the store to buy a few supplies. We stopped off at Office Depot to buy some poster paper and felt tip pens for Maddy's school project, bank some checks, visit the dollar store, and then we wondered over to Noodles Company for afternoon brunch.

Enjoying his favorite pasta dish - 'house marinara'


  1. MaddysDaddy7:13 PM GMT-5

    There's my tall boy! Looking good son :)

  2. I actually think he's taller than Nathan.

  3. Keep eating all that healthy will need it to keep growing taller!

  4. Yeah looks like he's the tallest in the group!
    Nice team photo!


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