Saturday, January 24

Mo Mo and Picachu

Madison brought home two classroom mascots, Mo Mo and Picachu on Friday to spend the week with us. He was also given a writing journal to take pictures and document things he does throughout the week with his special friends. This is all part of creative writing at home.

He's already had breakfast with his special friends and has taken them along to watch him play basketball as well. Tommorrow we will be taking them with us to dinner, to farewell Matt's friend Sakib and family, who are moving to Ecuador. Monday and Tuesday are teacher conference days, so Maddy, his friends and I will be seeing Daddy off at the airport Tuesday morning.
I'll post a copy of his journal once it's completed :)


  1. What are the mascots? Are they animals or something? The names sound South American. Mo Mo - nice one! LOL

  2. They're little cuddly toys from the Beijing Olympics - cute.

    The kids voted on the names.


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