Thursday, April 20

Madison Dreams

Maddy woke me up this morning and told me that he had just been swimming with Papa and his inflatable whale, Free Willy. I asked him if he dreamt it and he said, "IOE!" as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Maddy's two new favourite phrases are:

Aua e ke pepelo e?


E po oe?

Tuesday, April 11

RIP Aunty Eunike

We received news last night from NZ that Aunty Eunike passed away in the U.S. yesterday. She had been having serious health problems for the past few years and finally lost her battle with her condition. May she rest in peace and may her loved ones in the States find comfort. We'll be thinking of you all!

Friday, April 7


My son has a unique Samoan dialect of his own devising. I'm reluctant to correct him when he uses his slang version of Samoan because it's just too cute. I hear it so often that I am guilty of using it too, which just makes him think that his version of the language is more correct than mine. He has "corrected" me on more than one occasion!

Madison-ism #1: Ligi
Meaning: Ring
Usage: Daddy, kago e ligi Papa i le kelefogi ua ou fia kalagoa ia Papa.

Madison-ism #2: Fukitown
Meaning: Lucky Foodtown
Usage: Daddy, kakou o i le Fukitown e faakau sa'u drink lanu red.

Madison-ism #3: Kigipo'o
Meaning: Head
Usage: Auoi, ua kiga laka kigipo'o.

Madison-ism #4: Niu Sheeland
Meaning: New Zealand
Usage: Daddy, ua ou fia alu a i Niu Sheeland i luga o le vaalele.

Madison-ism #5: Faapelea
Meaning: Faapea
Usage: Se leai Daddy! Fai faapelea!

Easter Already?

I can't believe it's almost Easter already. We received a package from the NZ Easter Bunny (thanks Mom!) and it had all sorts of goodies for Maddy to eat and play with. That reminds me, I have to swing by Lynn's store in Motootua to pick up some Jungle Juice for HRH so he can make his ice pops. Thank goodness for the weekend!