Tuesday, March 8

Life Without Mommy

Last night was Maddy's first night without his Mommy. 

Mommy is away on vacation in Hawaii and this marks the first time the two of them have been separated.

Maddy took it in stride. He doesn't like admitting it but I can tell he misses having her around.

I picked him up from school yesterday and the first thing he asked me was, "So what are we doing today, Dad?", as if the fact that Mommy wasn't around meant that we were going to be able to do stuff we couldn't normally do.

He didn't seem too disappointed to find out that doing some grocery shopping, followed by homework and dinner was on the agenda.

We managed to squeeze some bowling practice in there too.

Maddy did his homework while I cooked dinner and we did his spelling homework together while we watched a movie on tv.

One day down, 9 days to go. We're going to be fine.