Thursday, June 24

It's Booked and You're Invited

Rachel has booked McDonald's as the venue for Madison's 2nd birthday party. It's to be held on the 31st of next month and you're all invited. She's also ordered a teddy bear shaped cake and I'm going to make some invitations for all of his friends.

We're paying for all the kid's meals but if you're an adult you're gonna have to pay your own way. Oi kalofae!
Two At a Time

Madison is starting to string together 2 words at a time on a more consistent basis. You can see him really try and communicate with words now and it's wonderful to hear him try and use the limited amount of words to communicate with people around him. He's so imaginative!

Some of his 2-word sentences include "daddy come", "love you", "Nana school" (whenever we drive by Samoa College, he points at the school and says this to signify our neighbour Nana's school, which he can tell by the colour of their uniforms) and "go there".

It's so much fun watching him learn new things everyday.

Saturday, June 19

All's Well

Madison is feeling much better now. We went to the doctor on Friday and he said that he has a slight flu and a probable irritation in the throat that caused him to regurgitate his food.

You couldn't tell he was sick by the way he was playing around.

Mommy did a good job of looking after the li'l guy, and now he's back to his boisterous self again.

Friday, June 18

Not a Good Day

Madison is not feeling well today. We were all ready to go to work this morning and drop Maddy off at Papa's place when Maddy started to throw up. We thought it was just bad milk but when we got to Lynn's Supermarket in Motootua, he threw up again. So it was back home again and mommy decided to take the day off to keep an eye on him.

Poor li'l guy, I hope he feels better soon.

Wednesday, June 16

Where's Mommy?

Rachel will be working from 8am to 10pm for the next 2 weeks including Saturdays. Something about her work needing to meet a deadline. All I know is that Maddy won't be seeing much of his mommy for quite awhile and I won't be seing much of my wife either.

That plain sucks.

I'm starting to wonder if her job is worth the trouble, especially when Madison asks me, "where's mommy?" when it's his bedtime and he needs his mommy. Being put to bed by daddy just ain't the same for the little guy.

Tuesday, June 15

New Photos Added

Maddy's new 22 month photos have been added to his website today.

A big thanks to those of you who visit and comment on Madison's website on a regular basis. Most recently, Tai and Sachi have left comments on his guestbook and blog, thanks you two!

Tai, how is Sarona doing? Please send her our regards and tell her we miss her and hope she comes back soon.

Saturday, June 12

Madison, Church and the new TV

Maddy is at church with Papa this morning. Papa came by to pick him up and as soon as he saw Papa's car pull up he tore off through the door and climbed into the car. I gave dad his day bag and told Maddy to open the window so he could kisi his daddy and believe it or not, Maddy hit the window button and rolled the window down all by himself.

We got a new TV yesterday as our old one kicked the bucket. Maddy loves it since it's bigger than the old one.

Friday, June 11

Maddy Goes Walkabout

Two days ago, Madison went walkabout on Papa. Papa was inside while Maddy was playing in the front yard at Lalovaea. He'd call out to Madison every now and then to make sure he was okay and Madison would grunt back.

After the 3rd call or so, Madison didn't respond so Papa went out to investigate. Papa called out to him but nothing. He looked next door, no Maddy. He went across the road, still no Maddy. So, Papa starting to get a little worried, starts off down the road calling out for him when he sees a pair of girls walking hand in hand with our lil monster coming back towards him.

The girls tell Papa that they found him at the main road by the shop and recognizing him, thought they'd bring him back home.

Well that's what Papa told me, but the next day when we dropped him off, the story changed a bit. Apparently the 2 girls saw him playing by himself out in the yard and decided to take him for a walk to the shop and back.

Wednesday, June 9

Daddy Can I Drive?

Madison loves riding in the car. Whenever we go out for a drive, he has a routine. He gets behind the steering wheel and turns the wheel a couple of times, turns on the hazard lights and then turns on the fan. Once the car gets going, he yells out "CLEAR!" whenever we get to an intersection. He adjusts the mirror too so that he can get a good look at himself while he's in the car.

Tonight mommy is working overtime again so daddy will be picking him up after work. Maybe I'll let him drive home?

Tuesday, June 8

Need Your Feedback

I don't update Maddy's daily journal as often as I'd like because there are days when nothing really newsworthy happens. However, I could put a little something here everyday if you all didn't mind short updates instead of entire essays at a time. What say you?