Tuesday, December 19

More From Fatilua's Visit

We went downtown for a quick visit to the memorials

Vai and Fatilua by the Korean War Memorial

Having fun overlooking the Reflecting Pool

Taking a rest from sightseeing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

Maddy feeding the ducks with his lunch

Thursday, December 14

Look Who's in Town

One of my oldest friends Fatilua and his partner Vai came to town on Tuesday night from Albany, NY to visit with us for 3 days. I've known Fatilua for almost 25 years (I must be getting old) since our days in Samoa College. It's been real good catching up with them. I'll see what I can do to convince them to stay for the weekend!

Madison took to his uncle Fati and aunty Vai immediately.

The old guy and the other old guy

Fati in DC doing some kind of ballerina move for the camera

Friday, December 8

Winter is Here

I think winter is finally upon us here in the northern hemisphere. I had to walk through ice on the street on my way to work this morning. Yeah you heard me right. There was ICE on the street today! The cold weather has been on and off lately but I when there's ice on the roads you can pretty much say that winter is here; bring on the snow!

I wonder if we'll have a white Christmas this year? Wouldn't that be nice? I don't remember having a white Christmas since we lived in Alaska over 20+ years ago.

Thursday, December 7

Almost Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and while most families have the lights up and trees in the living room, we're a little behind on getting all of those things. Americans really start thinking about xmas right after Thanksgiving so we've been inundated with the holiday season hype for awhile now. Madison is very much looking forward to Christmas.

Madison would like to thank his Nanna in NZ for all of the mail he has been getting in the mailbox. He's even got mail from his Aunty Carlta, Aunty Susie, Aunty Patsy and Uncle Kenbo. You should see his eyes light up when his Mommy tells him he's got mail!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday season.

Wednesday, December 6

Hi Nanna!

Doing a Superman

Last night Maddy brought the step ladder into the room and did
Superman jumps onto his bed.
He is always finding new ways to have fun around the house.

It's good to see him growing and gaining weight.

Look at my wings Daddy!