Thursday, July 28

Face Painted

Maddy wanted to paint his own face but after a bit of persuasion he finally relented and let me do it for him.

He wanted a superman logo, a spiderman logo and a harry potter one.

I've yet to meet a kid that asked for a Jesus sign or a bible to be painted on his or her face.

I guess that's a sign of the times.

One Happy Kid

Maddy enjoyed his birthday party at McDonalds last night. It didn't take him long to get to sleep afterwards.

Click on any of the photos to see or download the original.

Watch Out Below!

Madison must have been up and down that slide about 100 times last night. The boy is like an Everready battery, he just keeps going and going.

Yay! Ice Cream!

Normally we don't let Maddy have ice cream because it exacerbates his cough but since it was his birthday, we let him have one. Boy, did he savour that ice cream!

Have It All

Madison normally likes having the chicken mcnugget happy meal when we go to McDonalds, so that's what we got him last night. But when he saw that his friends were having cheeseburgers, he too wanted a cheeseburger, so instead of asking mommy to get him a cheeseburger, he just took his friends cheeseburger *haha* I guess it was my fault for telling him he could do whatever he wanted on his birthday!

The Shy Guy

Maddy loved his Superman chocolate birthday cake but when it came time to sing happy birthday, he went all shy! This is a photo of him during the happy birthday song wishing people would just get it over with already!

Maddy and Grace

This is Maddy on the slide with his friend Grace. Our little hero seems to be a bit of a girl magnet!

Mr Three

Maddy had a wonderful birthday party last night. About 20 kids turned up (maybe more, I lost count) and he had a blast. I'll be uploading photos of his birthday party here throughout the day so check back every now and then.

Tuesday, July 26

Happy Birthday Son!

Today is Madison's third birthday! He woke up this morning and when we said "Happy Birthday Son!", the first words out of his mouth were, "I want more presents".

He's feeling a little better, his energy is slowly returning. He's with the next door neighbours today because Neta is still away.

Mommy is buying some stuff today to top up the McDonald gift bags that all the kids get. It seems everything is set for his birthday party tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who sent him something for his birthday, it's going to be a great day!

Friday, July 22

Four Days Out

Maddy's third birthday is only four days away and all the kids in the neighbourhood are eagerly awaiting the birthday bash at McDonalds. It's all they can talk about. While mommy and daddy are frantically looking for some money to pay for the bash, the kids are talking about the Superman cake and baloons and games they will be playing. I wish I was a kid again!

Maddy isn't feeling very good today, he's got a bit of a temperature and mommy is at home looking after him.

Neta has gone to Tutuila for a church conference and will be away til early next month. Maddy wanted to "go on the boat" but there's no way I was going to let him subject himself to that kind of torture.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

Monday, July 18

Three More Reasons Our Son is the Best

The other day when we were walking out of the bakery after lunch, Maddy in one hand, car keys in the other, Madison put his hand over my eyes to shield my eyes from the sun saying "ua la daddy or it's sunny daddy". It didn't occur to him that the sun was in his eyes too, he was more concerned for daddy's eyes.

Yesterday we were driving home when Maddy silently grimaced and clutched his tummy. When I asked him what was wrong he said "sore tummy daddy". He must have had a tummy bug because he had the runs all day yesterday. Not once did he complain or whine about it. He's braver than mommy and daddy put together.

Maddy has at least 5 pairs of jandals. He loves wearing them on his hands as he runs barefoot all over our rocky front yard, playing with his friends. I tried walking barefoot to the garage from the front door and nearly died.

Thursday, July 14

You Going To School Today Son?

Every morning we give Maddy the option of whether he wants to go to school or not. Most of the time he says, "No, me stay home" or "nofo fale a'u" but he caught us offguard yesterday when he said he wanted to go to school. We had to look for his uniform, iron it, get his lunch ready and fill up his school bag with his spare change and shoes.

When I picked him up after school he looked so happy. It seemed as if he really enjoyed going to school and playing with a new bunch of kids instead of his usual posse.

So when I asked him if he wanted to go to school today, knowing how much he enjoyed it the day before, I was suprised to hear him say, "No daddy, me stay home today".


Tuesday, July 12

Caught Red Handed

Yep, there must be something irresistable about a mothers purse because you can bet your bottom dollar that if mommy turns her back for one second, kids dive right in. This is a photo of Maddy going through mommy's purse while she was in the shop.

Birthday Plans

Maddy's 3rd birthday is 2 weeks away and Rachel and I have made very few plans for it. We're still undecided between a beach party or a McDonalds party. I think his friends would love a day at the beach but logistically speaking, getting 20 kids to the beach for the day wouldn't be an easy feat. Any ideas?

Monday, July 11

Lost In Translation

Our wonderful son is now more fluent in Samoan than he is in English. He speaks more Samoan than his mom already and I often find myself translating what Maddy says for his mommy.

He spends most of his day with the kids from around the village and comes home with new words everyday. He's so proud of himself when he uses a Samoan word correctly and at times, he sits by himself, talking to himself in Samoan, almost like he practicing what he'll be saying to the kids next time he sees them.

Friday, July 8

Almost There

I've been kinda busy with work lately and so, haven't been able to update Maddy's Journal as much as I'd like to. We're changing out all of our old equipment at work, replacing it with new equipment and it's disrupted the normal flow of things.

Once we're done I should be able to resume updating Maddy's website more frequently. I also bought a battery recharger for our new digital camera so we'll have heaps of new photos to upload too. Yay!