Friday, November 24


Madison's new favorite comeback line is "blah blah blah". Whenever he's asked to do something he doesn't want to do it's either, "Whatever" or "blah blah blah". I don't know where he gets it from (most probably from the TV) but I think it's funny.

Thanksgiving was nice, it's always nice to have a day off, but it seems utterly ridiculous to have to come in again for work on Friday only to have another 2 days off for the weekend. The metro was empty today and the city is like a ghost town today; it seems like everyone took annual leave today except for me.

Mental note to self: Take annual leave on the day after Thanksgiving next year.

Thursday, November 23

Happy Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving here in the US and we're all enjoying a nice relaxing day at home. The weather outside is dreadful; wet and very cold, so being indoors is a good idea.

This is a pic of Madison counting the money in his moneybox in anticipation of Christmas and his XBox. He told us this morning that, "I can't wait to get my XBox!". He had a grand total of $19.95 which is just a little short of the $400 target but there is still time to save up between now and Xmas.

I better get a second job.

Wednesday, November 22

Losing My Samoan

Madison is slowly losing his ability to speak Samoan. I didn't notice at first but a few nights ago I asked him to get me a glass from the kitchen in Samoan and he gave me a puzzled look. I asked him if he understood what I said and he said, "No daddy". So I asked him in English and off he went.

It's interesting because when Papa called last night, he was talking to Madison in Samoan the whole time and Maddy seemed to understand (or he faked it pretty good) but only replied in English.

Last night we went to the supermarket and the checkout lady had a cute conversation with Madison, it went a little something like this:

Madison: (handing the money to the checkout lady) Here you go.

Checkout lady: Oh thank you, you're such a cutie! If I was a little girl I'd fall in love with you. How old are you?

Madison: I'm four.

Checkout lady: Are you in preschool?

Madison: No, I'm not 5 yet.

Checkout lady: I bet you have lots of girlfriends, do you have many girlfriends?

Madison: (straight faced) Yes.

Checkout lady: (Laughing) I bet you do. Thank you darling.

Madison: You're welcome.