Wednesday, November 22

Losing My Samoan

Madison is slowly losing his ability to speak Samoan. I didn't notice at first but a few nights ago I asked him to get me a glass from the kitchen in Samoan and he gave me a puzzled look. I asked him if he understood what I said and he said, "No daddy". So I asked him in English and off he went.

It's interesting because when Papa called last night, he was talking to Madison in Samoan the whole time and Maddy seemed to understand (or he faked it pretty good) but only replied in English.

Last night we went to the supermarket and the checkout lady had a cute conversation with Madison, it went a little something like this:

Madison: (handing the money to the checkout lady) Here you go.

Checkout lady: Oh thank you, you're such a cutie! If I was a little girl I'd fall in love with you. How old are you?

Madison: I'm four.

Checkout lady: Are you in preschool?

Madison: No, I'm not 5 yet.

Checkout lady: I bet you have lots of girlfriends, do you have many girlfriends?

Madison: (straight faced) Yes.

Checkout lady: (Laughing) I bet you do. Thank you darling.

Madison: You're welcome.


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