Monday, July 30

Rothko Doodle Painting

Today was Maddy's last day of Mini Doodlers and this is what he painted. It is inspired by Rothko (might need to google that name) and learning about applying color with a roller. As you can see Maddy went for gold. All the girls had pretty pink, yellow and red pictures and Maddy used dark colors with a tint of orange and red. It is suppose to be a picture of squares. How many can you see? I see ummm a few!

Maddy helping his classmates out :) What good boy he is!

Saturday, July 28

African Safari Tent and Sleeping Bag

WOW look what Maddy got in the mail again today from Aunty Sachi and Uncle Mark. Not only does he have his own camping tent, he now has an awesome animal sleeping bag to go with it and a few little animals to play with too.

We are going to have so much FUN this weekend camping out in the lounge. I may have to permanently remove all the furniture just so we can fit the tent in. It is SOOO COOL.

He loves it! Thank you so much :)

Friday, July 27

Anonymous Present

I am wondering if Aunty Sachi and Uncle Mark sent this for Maddy. A big long package arrived at our door today of a Jungle Safari Tent. No card, no nothing, just an address label with Madison's name and address from National Geographic. Whoever sent it, please let us know as I would hate not to thank the person/people/family who sent this to us.

Thursday, July 26

4 Hours Later... Sore Ankles And Very Tired :)

Oh what fun we had today! Chuck E Cheese is the bomb. Amazing rides, games and tickets to win prizes, yummy pizza and as much fizzy drinks as you like.

So much for the instructions I got online on how to get there. I think we went the long way to get to the place only to find out that one of the buses we usually catch, goes all the way to Fairfax City Mall. Oh well, at least I know next time.

We spent $20 to get 80 tokens, and believe it or not, it lasted the whole time we were there. Each game or activity cost one token. They had car games, train and truck rides, a jungle gym of some sorts attached to the ceiling, basketball, bowling, sponge bob, punching and tapping games, you name it, they pretty much had it all. No wonder kids go crazy there. Most games give tickets depending on how many points you get and you can trade them in for prizes. We won 349 in total and maddy picked a spiderman pencil case with pencils and eraser and a baby dinosaur.

Entrance to the jungle gym tunnel and slide

This racing car was attached to the ceiling. They built a tunnel that goes around it. It's kinda neat but scarey at the same time too. I suppose it's good that Maddy only weighs 52 pounds.

One of Maddy's favorite rides, the Monster Truck Ride - was awesome. It goes up even higher and tips side to side making it more fun and scarey. I think he went on it at least 5 times.
I just wish they had one that was big enough for me to ride too :)

A flying bike machine. When you start to cycle it goes up in the air and comes down again.

Practicing his basketball skills. Maddy did very well at this game and won a few tickets here.

It didn't take Maddy long to make a new friend. His name was Angelo and they had fun together playing this game. Even though he only won one out of four, he still enjoyed playing it.

I know what you're thinking, like, why is he riding in a pink girlie carriage? well it didn't say no boys allowed so, why not?!? haha!

When we were waiting for our taxi to arrive, Madison persuaded me to take a look at the EBGames store where they sell playstation and nintendo games. Oh boy did I get sucked into that one. I think he learned these negotiation skills from his father, because I don't know how he manages to convince me he needed to buy another game.. somehow he did and walked out with a second hand game called "Barnyard" - all about animals. I just hope when it comes to his school work he is as attentive to those as he is when playing his playstation and nintendo games, and now his leapster one.

We had so much FUN today and I know Maddy enjoyed it even more. I did take a few more pictures so I will post them up another time. Now it's time to go and soak my feet and relax on the couch until it's time to go to bed.

Wednesday, July 25

Happy 5th Birthday Madison

Tommorrow we are going to to celebrate his birthday. There is lots to do in terms of fun and games and lots of pizza to eat :) Wish you all were here with us to celebrate.

Because Maddy could not wait till tommorrow morning to open up his gifts, I allowed him to open them up tonight instead (since we will be leaving early for ChuckECheese).

Thank you to everyone who sent Madison presents, emails and phone calls to wish him happy birthday :)
From Aunty Susie - Crayola Color Explosion

From Mum and Dad -Nintendo and 2x Pokemon Games

From Grandma and Grandpa Ponini - A New Zealand Scarf, Hat and BackPack

From Nana, Papa, Aunty Ling and Uncle Tolly - Sing and Read Storybook ,

Leapster Multimedia Learning System and

An Ocean Creatures Jigsaw StoryBook

And last but not least, Maddy's Daddy is taking Maddy's Mommy and Maddy to Seaworld in Orlando Florida for a weeks vacation from 6-10 August. A well deserved break for Daddy and an awesome finish to the summerbreak before Maddy starts school in September.

Maddy's ticket to Seaworld

Last Day Of Summertime For Tots

Today was Maddy's last class of Summertime for Tots. All they did today was play, play and play. He did draw pictures and shapes but most of the time they got to do whatever they wanted. He played with his friends Rachel and Luke.
He is looking forward to joining another class next summer... probably a "sports one" he says.

Tuesday, July 24

Maddy's Flower

I think someone is getting bored with these classes. I wonder how he will be in school. I hope its a lot more fun for him.

Another Abrakadoodle Painting

This is what Maddy painted yesterday using different sponges and bottle tops. Its a painting of the sea with bubbles coming out from a whales blowhole. He was a little bored in the class today and was happy when it finished a little early.

I managed to catch the last 5 minutes of his class last Wednesday and he was telling the other kids (in a nice voice) that they were rolling up the play mats wrong and putting the toys away in the wrong order and box. He did them all over again and showed them how to do it. Our son the perfectionist I think. He enjoyed playtime, coloring in and story reading time.

I need to get him a pair of crocs. They look cool on those two kids. I'm sure he would love a red pair.

Next time I have to remind him to take off his cap in class - Oopsy Daisy!

Saturday, July 21

A Big Thank You

Thanks to all our family who have sent presents for Madisons's 5th birthday. He received a box from Nana, Papa, Aunty Ling and Uncle Tolly, a package from Aunty Susie and another package from Grandma and Grandpa Ponini. Little does he know that Daddy has bought him a special present too but he won't be getting that until Daddy gets home in 10 days.

Thank you so much. Madison can't wait to open them all on Thursday.

Love Us xxox

Tuesday, July 17

Look What We Have Here!!!

Look what just arrived in the mail - a big birthday pressie for Maddy from Nana, Papa, Aunty Ling and Uncle Tolly. As soon as we received it, Maddy wanted to open it but I said "no" this time, and said when it is his birthday, he can open his pressies then. To my surprise he agreed. It is now sitting in the dining room waiting to be opened (hehe).

A huge big THANK YOU goes out to you all and hurry on 26th of July, I wanna see too (haha)!

Love Us xxox

Koosh Fireworks Doodle

Yesterday we went to another class of Mini Doodlers and this is what Maddy made. He did a painting of fireworks using unusual materials to paint with. He was so proud of his artwork that he wanted me to put it up on our wall in the lounge. It is now sitting on our mantelpeice above the fireplace.

I think we have an artist on our hands :)

Sunday, July 15

Looking After Mommy

Maddy and I had to rush out 30 minutes ago to buy some more milk and bread for breakfast tommorrow. It started to rain just as we got out of the building and decided to go back inside and grab our umbrellas.

It was the fastest walk ever to the 7/11 which is just down the road. We bought milk, bread, two bottles of propel drinks, a pkt of peanuts, a chocolate donut (not for me) and bananas.

As soon as we headed back home it started to rain a little harder. Because my hands were full I gave the umbrella to Maddy to use so he wouldn't get wet. As we were walking he kept trying to hold the umbrella above my head but he kept hitting the side of my head instead.

I said to him "What are you trying to do son? It's ok, you can use the umbrella."

He says "But Mum, I am trying to protect you from the rain, I don't want you to get wet!."

As I turned and smiled, I said "Thank you son, but Mum is ok. You can use the umbrella to protect yourself from the rain so you don't get wet, ok?"

"OK Mum he says, I was only trying to help." I said "I know son, and it makes me proud to know you want to help Mommy. Your a good boy son and thanks for taking care of me. Daddy would be so proud of you too."

Just a little something I wanted to share with everyone, to show that he is trying to take care of his Mommy while Daddy is away in Africa. He is such a big boy now.

Wednesday, July 11

Summer Fun For Tots

Maddy started another new class today which involves painting, crafts, singing and music, dancing and reading stories. It was a much bigger class this time and there was one other boy to keep him company. He met up with one of his friends from a previous sports class he attended and they immediately recognized each other. Her name was Rachel. He said he talked to her throughout the time they were there, but she hardly spoke because he said she was shy - it didn't bother him one bit, he just kept on talking LOL.

This is what he did in class today - a painting of a dolphin!

We then went for lunch at Noodles Company where Maddy ate one of his favorite dishes, pasta, marinara sauce with cheese and I had a salad (yep rabbit food again LOL).

One Down, Two To Go

I'm now in Maputo, Mozambique on the eastern coast of southern Africa after completing a 2 week stint in The Gambia in West Africa. Mozambique is a former Portuguese colony and Maputo, the capital city, has a distinctly latin american feel to it. Everyone speaks Portuguese, the radio stations are all in Portuguese and all the tv stations (save good ol' CNN) are all in a language that makes no sense to me. I have to keep reminding myself that I'm in Africa not south america.

The weather here is great this time of year, it's their winter so on most days it is around 18C, which as Rachel can attest, is perfect for me. I hear that in DC the weather there is hot and humid, approaching the 40C mark. Not good.

I haven't had the opportunity to take many photos of Maputo so far but hopefully by the weekend, work will have slowed down enough for me to get out and see some of the sights around the city and take more pics.

My colleague Sakib Khan walking the streets of Maputo.

Me in front of one of the many high rises in Maputo.

Another view of Maputo.

At the Pirata restaurant waiting for lunch.

Street vendors carrying their wares Africa style.

Monday, July 9

Mini Doodlers

Maddy had his first session of mini doodlers (arts and crafts) today downtown Vienna at their local community center. Being the only boy, he was not intimidated at all. As soon as we walked in the room, all the girls stared at him, he looked away shyly, I introduced him to his Teacher and then he went and fetched an apron.

According to the teacher he got stuck right into doing what they had planned for the day. He was polite and raised his hand when he wanted to ask a question (we are currently practicing this at home so he will get use to raising his hand at school if he wants to ask a question or needs help, instead of interrupting the teacher and demanding attention ).

They each made a Mimbre Bowl with white clay and it's now outside on the porch, in the sun so it will harden.

On Wednesday he is enrolled in another Summer for Tots program where they will be doing crafts, games, stories and play time. That should be so much fun and at the same time MOMMY gets two hours off to do whatever she wants - Hooray!

Saturday, July 7

I want more FAT mom!!!

Maddy and I were watching a movie today called Brother Bear 2, while snacking on Pringle chips. After he tasted a few he said

"Mom, these taste a little funny" and I said

"Oh, it's because it's fat free, there is supposedly no fat in them, that's why it tastes a little different"

He turned to look at me with a big frown on his face and said

"I want more FAT in them mom, can you put it in",

I burst out laughing and almost choked on my chips. He did not find it funny at all. He then went onto say

"Next time buy the normal ones MOM (while glaring at me as he says it!).

All I could say while still laughing my head off was "YES BOSS." ... too funny!