Tuesday, July 24

Another Abrakadoodle Painting

This is what Maddy painted yesterday using different sponges and bottle tops. Its a painting of the sea with bubbles coming out from a whales blowhole. He was a little bored in the class today and was happy when it finished a little early.

I managed to catch the last 5 minutes of his class last Wednesday and he was telling the other kids (in a nice voice) that they were rolling up the play mats wrong and putting the toys away in the wrong order and box. He did them all over again and showed them how to do it. Our son the perfectionist I think. He enjoyed playtime, coloring in and story reading time.

I need to get him a pair of crocs. They look cool on those two kids. I'm sure he would love a red pair.

Next time I have to remind him to take off his cap in class - Oopsy Daisy!

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