Saturday, July 28

African Safari Tent and Sleeping Bag

WOW look what Maddy got in the mail again today from Aunty Sachi and Uncle Mark. Not only does he have his own camping tent, he now has an awesome animal sleeping bag to go with it and a few little animals to play with too.

We are going to have so much FUN this weekend camping out in the lounge. I may have to permanently remove all the furniture just so we can fit the tent in. It is SOOO COOL.

He loves it! Thank you so much :)


  1. MaddyDaddy12:24 PM GMT-5

    Wow that's amazing! I bet he just loves it! Thanks aunty Sachi and uncle Mark!

  2. he does he is actually in his sleeping bag now and sitting on the couch playing his barnyard game.

  3. Aunty Sachi6:08 PM GMT-5

    Wow! It does look cool! I'm so glad he likes can tell him that his Daddy is sleeping with all those animals in Africa too!LOL
    I'm so glad it got there eventually.

    Happy birthday Maddy!
    Much love Aunty Sachi and Uncle Mark

  4. hahahaha, thanks Again Sachi and Mark xxox

  5. Anonymous3:37 AM GMT-5

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