Friday, July 27

Anonymous Present

I am wondering if Aunty Sachi and Uncle Mark sent this for Maddy. A big long package arrived at our door today of a Jungle Safari Tent. No card, no nothing, just an address label with Madison's name and address from National Geographic. Whoever sent it, please let us know as I would hate not to thank the person/people/family who sent this to us.


  1. Aunty Sachi7:25 PM GMT-5

    That's our pressie! But there was supposed to be something else as well. Hopefully it should arrive soon or an angry Aunty will have to contact National Geographic!!

    Happy belated Birthday Maddy!

  2. MaddysDaddy10:44 AM GMT-5

    Thank you for the pressies Aunty Sachi and Uncle Mark!

  3. AWWWWWWWWW You are just the bomb! he camped in it last night and i had to sleep on the couch - HE had a NICE sleep and I didn't LOL

    I made sure I rolled up the sides and opened the entry so that air could circulate and I padded the base with cushions and a fluffy duvet cover. Guess where we are sleeping this whole weekend?!? LOL

    WOW Aunty Sachi and Uncle Mark, thank you soooo much! This is sooooo cool!

  4. No need for the padded cushions now that he has his one and only SLEEPING BAG - it is awesome and he loves it! Thank you both so much!


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