Sunday, July 15

Looking After Mommy

Maddy and I had to rush out 30 minutes ago to buy some more milk and bread for breakfast tommorrow. It started to rain just as we got out of the building and decided to go back inside and grab our umbrellas.

It was the fastest walk ever to the 7/11 which is just down the road. We bought milk, bread, two bottles of propel drinks, a pkt of peanuts, a chocolate donut (not for me) and bananas.

As soon as we headed back home it started to rain a little harder. Because my hands were full I gave the umbrella to Maddy to use so he wouldn't get wet. As we were walking he kept trying to hold the umbrella above my head but he kept hitting the side of my head instead.

I said to him "What are you trying to do son? It's ok, you can use the umbrella."

He says "But Mum, I am trying to protect you from the rain, I don't want you to get wet!."

As I turned and smiled, I said "Thank you son, but Mum is ok. You can use the umbrella to protect yourself from the rain so you don't get wet, ok?"

"OK Mum he says, I was only trying to help." I said "I know son, and it makes me proud to know you want to help Mommy. Your a good boy son and thanks for taking care of me. Daddy would be so proud of you too."

Just a little something I wanted to share with everyone, to show that he is trying to take care of his Mommy while Daddy is away in Africa. He is such a big boy now.


  1. Awww what a great story! Stuff like that makes me so proud of my son, he is just as protective of you as you are of him babe. Tell him daddy is very proud of the way he is looking after you!

  2. Aunty Ling11:09 PM GMT-5

    Awww... what a little gentleman!!

    hahahaha - couldn't stop laughing tho, imagining the umbrella whacking you in the head!!

    man, if that was me i woulda been like WHAT THE...???!!?

    you're such a patient mommy!! :)

    Aunty Ling

  3. haha I actually toned down this entry so it did really annoy me and hurt me too LOL


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